Dreadnought’s been through a lot of changes since its first days of early access. Six Foot and YAGER have changed team sizes and radically altered its progression before, and now it’s taking another big step: reworking its tech tree to provide players with more freedom of choice in what ships to research and purchase.

The developers accomplish this by removing module prerequisites, making all of a ship’s modules researchable at any time. As they put it:

We think this will allow them to quickly unlock their preferred modules for their primary loadout, and give them the option to experiment with the rest in a secondary loadout.

Hey, you can never have too many different ways to blow up the enemy!

There are also a lot of changes coming to the UI for the game, as well as various graphical enhancements. You can see them in action in the video below or read about them on the Dreadnought site.

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