DreamWorld, The Beleaguered KickStarter MMORPG, Plans Early Access In Just 2 Weeks

Can the title possibly meet anyone's expectations with the checkered past it carries with it?

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Remember DreamWorld?

That's the KickStarter MMORPG you may have heard about last year that appeared to be seeking a mere $10,000 to build an MMORPG to end all MMORPGs. Hell, the team behind the game (Garrison Bellack and Zachary Kaplan) went even deeper down the hype hole and said it would be the "last game you'll ever play" when trying to raise their money.

In the campaign, the DreamWorld team did say that the weren't really seeking money from KickStarter, but were more looking to add to their community. They had already secured funding from outside investors to get them through their alpha development, they advised. Most speculated that investors looked at what DreamWorld was claiming to do on the tech side of things as their reason for investing rather than the "game" side of what they were doing.

What was DreamWorld's awesome tech claim? They had a "secret sauce" that would allow them to get millions of players together on a single server.

While the campaign did end up getting funded to the tune of almost $65,000, that's where the good news basically stopped for DreamWorld as the coming months saw accusation after accusation and scandals galore. Obviously, you cannot build what they claimed to be able to build with $10K, so yeah, when players are hungry for a new MMORPG and you make claims like the team made, you open yourself up to a TON of scrutiny. The team got exactly that...it got to the point where even Zachary's ex-fiancé felt she had to chime in. This is literally just the tip of the iceberg for those of you that are new to the story. You can watch Callum Upton's video for a summary that gets you up to date.

Fast forward to today.

DreamWorld is moving into early access. Yes, you read that right.

Early access will begin on September 12th with a 90-minute free trial version and a "buy-in" version priced at $19.99 initially with an increase to $24.99 later.

“DreamWorld has come so far since our initial Kickstarter campaign in 2021 and has exceeded all our expectations thanks to our dedicated community,” said Garrison Bellack who hopes to use the early access period as a time of community collaboration while building the sandbox MMORPG.

What can you expect from early access? Directly from the team's press release:

• The ability to sculpt their world and create anything with a massive catalog of objects

• Owning their own properties, pets and mounts while exploring the world and encountering mobs, boss fights and fantastical creatures

• Rendezvous with friends and socialize using in-game voice chat, text and emotes

• Multiple, unique biomes in a massive, procedurally generated world

• Several character customization options and hundreds of craftable items

• Regular updates as the development teams adds fresh new content.

Time to see what the team has been working on and see if an MMORPG that had probably the shakiest starting ground you could possibly have can deliver on anyone's expectations.

We'd recommend taking the free trial for a spin on this one before you pony up cash given the game's past. You can find all the info needed to get started on the game's official site.

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