There seems to be some unspoken code about free-to-play shooters and zombie modes. It seems as though 9 times out of 10 a free-to-play shooter offers some sort of cooperative or versus zombie mode. Until recently Blacklight: Retribution had sidestepped the zombie scourge (chalk it up to good hygiene and futuristic medicine), but with the announcement of Retribution’s latest expansion called Onslaught it seems as though even the future isn’t safe from the zombie epidemic.

The latest expansion adds a new mode by the same name which has four players joining forces to battle huge waves of sprinting zombies. The mode has a very “CoD” Zombies vibe to it, with players sticking together to fend off ever increasing waves of zombies. The update also adds three other new game modes including Search and Destroy, Last Man Standing, and Last Team Standing. The new modes aren’t so much new as they are new additions to Blacklight.

There are also three new maps available, with the map Centre exclusive to the new Onslaught Mode while Safehold and Metro are available for most competitive game modes. The update also adds new weapons and a variety of balance changes. All combined the update is the largest yet for Blacklight. The new content is available to download now and you can check out the accompanying trailer above. A full breakdown of the new update can be found here.

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  1. Why we all believe online games should be like this type? No! I believe Age of Wushu is not limited by tasks in game, which is more diverse.

  2. now that i have played it for a while i can say that i rill dont like it sadly with 4 players like i thought if you lose some on it basicly ends the game as a failer and the zombies might be very hard to fight but adding gunners ruins the point of zombies if i wanted to fight waves of ais i would not be playing a online game as far as the new guns go looks like their rilly not that good or diffrent sadly i think this patch hurt the games more then it help for 3 resons 1 logn update even with good internet makes old players not want to come back for the update time alone 2.if old players come online after the patch 3 thangs happon one they see they have stock weapons (not in my case i got one of the few perm weapons in the game) and 2 they will relize that even a win in a zombie match is not worth as mutch as grinding kills in normal 3 the zombie mode make it to were if you have stock or bad weapons rilly hard to live. all and all i dont think this helps alot theirs alot more i could point to and blah blah thiss and that but i dont want to rilly complain about a free content up date it is free after all sadly i think this is no help. quick question what game do you think will have zombies next? mybe planet side 2 zombie that wool be foalsome that right a new word foalsome think about massive wave of zombie attack all the bases at once i dont know its a idea.

  3. So much crying, so much complaining. You people talk as if the cannot be another update and the game is f*** up forever. They will add 2 more players if needed. It’s really not that big of a deal. And camping in a game with legitimate wall hacks? How does that work?

    • agreed / on other hand if its only 4 player op then i wont like it to mutch zombies is fun with 6 player atleast any less and iot makes it hard to have fun with how mutch presure is on you to stay alive.

  4. Its kinda funny, how they cry on the forums. Cash shoper cry about cash shoper because they newer players to the game get the things for a cheaper prize. Think about it. Just funny.

  5. . Zombie once again doing best for marketing and wallet following typical FPS updates and not at all listening to the community: There was a huge petition to change game speed, to tweak it back to normal. Zombie slowed it down and nerfed sprints so now it favors camping and makes strategic game play feel like caacaa, sort of like my upper lip. Just read the forums, gold packages out of control and money management out of control DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME


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