When developer Trendy announced the sequel to the popular tower-defense game Dungeon Defender players were elated. However, their elation quickly turned to apprehension as it was revealed Dungeon Defender 2’s development would be focused on turning it into Free-to-Play MOBA-style PvP game. While some players expressed concern over the franchise heading F2P, an even larger majority resented the game’s change in focus. Trendy seems to have realized its mistake and so has announced an about-face; ditching the old design, retaining the F2P, and moving forward with a true DD sequel.

In a thread posted on the official Dungeon Defenders 2 forums, Studio Director Dave Loyd announced the return to DD’s roots. Speaking to fans, Loyd expressed his desire for the community to become more involved in the development process:

“I believe that as players, we want to share memorable gaming experiences with our friends. We want to share our ideas and insights with the developers who make the games we love and have our voices heard. As Studio Director, I am working to enable ways for you to share and get involved. Our approach to this reboot of Dungeon Defenders II keeps that principle close to the heart, and we intend to provide even more methods for you to help us mold Dungeon Defenders into a game that will resonate in these very ways.”

Loyd goes on to say the team plans on announcing the “first initiative” towards involving players later this month “around an important date”. That “important date” could bee alluding to Halloween or any of these other really important dates in history that occurred in October.

In any case, interested players can expect more details regarding Dungeon Defender 2’s progress soon with a tentative launch sometime this upcoming spring.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. on the other hand this game was about to be released in android an ios too..ios have 2 mobas already but android have only one(gameloft’s heroes of order and chaos)if they tried to bring that monster(big bucks there)down it would be a success..i believe that’s what they tried to do beside attract some pc audience..and let’s face it they can’t make it better than dota 2 or smite(it looks like smite)but they had the multiplatform plan

  2. They just saved the game from just not making it a Moba. Don’t get me wrong I love my mobas..but this game does not fit the bill for one. 🙂

  3. If they were going to change it back to the original format, they should remove free to play. I thought the first game was fun, and I’m not interested in having to pay constantly to use certain items, unlock certain content, etc.

    • This is the one thing I have been enjoying about FFXIV. It’s P2P and all the content is there, there’s no cash shop, no advantages for paying money, I pay 12 bucks and month and get it all. Yes it can be expensive when added up, but it’s a refreshing change from the nickel and dime’ing that every f2p game out there seems to do lately.

      • The game is generic shit, it’s not about getting all the content that makes p2p worth it. The game in general has to be worth the time and it’s not unless you’re a fanboy of the franchise. otherwise it’s a pretty mediocre MMO, prob 7/10 for the effort .

        • Love all the retards on this site. Generic shit is Allods, RoM, and pretty much every other MMO.
          While FFXIV isn’t truly unique, it has extremely solid graphics, very fluid mechanics, some interesting and unique things going for it (crafting is actually fun and unique), and combat may be crappy tab targetting but even THAT isn’t truly generic.

          Maybe try playing a game before knocking it kiddo.

        • As someone who has only ever liked kingdom hearts and dissidia for final fantasy related games, it’s not generic. In fact it has the most interesting means of crafting i’ve found in a game, plus a MASSIVE community.

  4. dota do not have more players then lol…

    We contacted DFC’s David Cole for more info. He pointed out that their findings were based on hours played rather than concurrent users, stating that “LOL does have a lot more users and we may have underestimated LOL. Thing is we have never seen anything like it so have been pretty conservative. But Dota 2 is still big.” The press release announcing DFC’s report has since been removed.

    he must have been a dota fan boy..

  5. If they’re actually going to make it F2P then I wont play it anyway.
    I’m honestly tired of games that don’t work as F2P being F2P.
    It’s a god damn tower defense. Either they’ll nickle and dime it, or they’re going to cut 90% of the content and charge a premium for it.
    Suddenly a $20 game is $200.
    No thanks.

  6. Yeah…I’m really glad for this honestly, I was hearing from everyone of my friends that loved Dungeon Defenders that if it truly did go into MOBA style that they would not play it. Because what they loved about the game was building and setups and the more defense oriented ways, the MOBA did not intrest them at all.

  7. I dunno about anyone else but the fact that the developer doesn’t seem to even know what it wants to do with its own game is a warning sign to me.

  8. REALLY? i mean why people still try to create new mobas when 60% of the MOBA community plays LoL, 30% plays dota 2 and the other 10% plays either the two and the same level or maybe another like HoN. Seriously, start with something new it doesnt even have to be something so hard, just something creative, like Hearthstone from blizzard, everyone wants their beta key for that game….really, leave the MOBA scene has it is…


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