Neople’s Dungeon Fighter Online recent update introduces the all new Female Priest class, along with her complimentary advancements. These female priests are chosen as warriors of God, destined to track down the Imposters spreading the Blood Curse using abilities granted to them after being infected with the curse themselves.

The Female priest has four advancement types: Crusader, Inquisitor, Shaman, or Mistress. Each features its own weapon and armor type. Crusaders wield Crosses while wearing Plate Armor. Inquisitors boast Battle Axes and Heavy Armor. Shaman carry Rosaries and don Cloth Armor. Finally, the Mistress is geared with Scythes and Heavy Armor.

This lady of god boasts a variety of attack and healing skills, most with some sort of divine theme to them. A full rundown on the Female Priest is available in the Dungeon Fighter Act 4 patch notes.

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