GBE Games, just announced their new MMORPG to be published, Hero of the Obelisk. Originally launched in Korea as Dungeon Hero and developed by Eyasof, the hack and slash MMO is said to feature over 100 different challenging dungeons to play solo or with friends.

Players will begin their heroic adventure by selecting from three non-gendered chibi classes – swordsman, scholar, and adventurer. Every class is said to posses 18 different specializations, each with their own weapons combat-styles.

For those interested in PvP, Hero of the Obelisk will sport three modes of PvP – Seige battle, a two team co-op where one team assaults a castle and the other defends; Battlefield, a capture and defend arena with up to 4 teams; and AoS-based PvP (In-development), where you control a unique hero in order to complete objectives against other players and their respective heroes.

Beta testing will begin on October 10th with signups now available on the official site.

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  1. i remembered playing this game but, I deleted it…mainly because i had no idea where to go pvp…i remember reading something or watching something before that it was someone that would appear on a particular day and a particular schedule…I was wondering if there if its true or not…..if its not true where do i got to PVP

  2. Why did they choose this game? They could have picked up Dungeon Striker Online and translate that to english, its in korea, its chibi, its also a dungeon mmo, sooooo similiar BUT Dungeon Striker is way way waaay more cooler, more EPIC and Challenging than this! Even the bosses are just as hardcore as diablo and yet they pick this up? Ugh I swear that the best korean games are never gonna be translated

  3. I have to agree with what has been said already about the upgrade system strongly suggesting this will be pay to win but it would be nice to find out this isn’t the case, I enjoy cute things and action rpgs so it would be nice to get a free one with some meat to it like this provided it isn’t pay to win. I was all for akaneiro demon hunter until spicy horse got greedy(took the money from a successful kickstarter for development then turned around and took the public beta down and decided to sell it as early access on steam, which makes me wonder what happened to the kickstarter funds since nothing has changed much with it between then and now. Why do they need more money from early access when they made everything they claimed they needed from the kickstarter?) Regardless that is a ton of dungeons, if the game doesn’t suck that would be endless entertainment for loot whores, or a living hell for people with ocd.

  4. dude. eyasoft makes me want to throw up.
    all they did was copy and paste iris online, luna plus and legend of edda. and BOOM, new game!

    all 3 titles from eyasoft got screwed hard btw. Luna plus struggled for 5 years, 2 of them without a single update or bug fix or new content.
    Iris online was a fantastic game, shut down due to no fixes new contet or update aswell. (didnt have end game content and game was unbalanced in a few aspects)
    Legend of edda same thing as the last two zzzzz

    they tried re-making luna and legend of edda. the latino server for luna plus (luna max) closed due to no updates or bug fixes, same story.
    legend of edda came back with the “vengeance” or w.e, still they basically changed nothing in the game and made a new few changes and decided to give it a “new name” just to drain more money for people for a few time, before it shut down again.

    i love eyasoft ideas, but they DO really suck for making new content bug fixes or updates. all i can do is hope it won’t happen again since aparently eyasoft went thru a “remake” in their enterprise. high hopes for the game? well scared about no bug fixes and thing, as far i did read somewhere the KR version have bug in a few dungeons that never got fixed, so, bad start, pretty sure it will come with the same shit.
    high hopes for game life? none at all, it’s EYASOFT the crap king.

    • oh and btw, alot of character skills and even weapon/shieds are exactly the same from the other 3 titles mentioned. in fact, one of the bosses in the trailer is sraclone from IRIS ONLINE. so that’s pretty pathetic D:

  5. Instance based action RPGs are getting mildly old.
    Its a lame and boring style. Its hard to call it an “MMO”. Its more like “Lobby RPG”. or something.
    Needless to say, pass. Open world and proper MMO or bust.

      • Eh, artstyle aside, the whole gear upgrading system looks like end-game pvp and pve will be pretty pay-to-win. They mentioned on their site that gear can be upgraded to +20, and that failing an upgrade will cause the gear to break after +10. With each successive upgrade, the gear has a diminishing chance of success. I’ve no doubt that gear protection items and increased %’s of enchant will be in the cash shop, and that they’ll be required to enchant anything passed 15. Guess I’m just weird like that, but those kinds of systems really irk my nerves. I’ll still give it a shot though, since the pve doesn’t look all that bad from what I saw from the korean version. Hopefully they’ll do something about the upgrade and enchanting system for the localization, but you never know with these things.


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