War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment just announced the Closed Beta for their upcoming Ground Forces Tank expansion. Over the next three weeks players can work to earn a spot in the Closed Beta test through special combat challenges within War Thunder.

The first challenge, available as of November 13th, requires players to either destroy 60 ground units in Arcade battles, 30 ground units in History battles, or 30 ground units in Full Real battles. Every mission completed increases the chances a player will get to participate in the Closed Beta test, as well as win gifts like War Thunder t-shirts and watches.

The Closed Beta is set to start before December 4th.

Also announced was the continuation of Golden November in War Thunder. War Thunder players will have another opportunity to earn some Golden Eagles this weekend by participating in a special event. Golden Eagles will be rewarded as victories are earned, with the first 100 Golden Eagles granted after the 2nd victory, 100 more after the 4th, and the final 100 awarded after the 7th victory.

Players will have two chances to participate in the event with the first from 2:00 to 6:00 GMT November 17th, and the second from 15:00 to 19:00 GMT November 17th.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I think Spunk is doing a great job in MMs absence. MM was definitely a likable personality and I can see him doing radio or TV even. But Spunk is great in his own right. Most of what Spunkify does includes his personal opinion if its intentional or not, its kind of ingrained in his personality.

    personally I like the fact he puts in his opinions in playthroughs etc but keeps them out of news topics like this one. The moment he starts adding his bias to the new people will complain about that too. you cant make everyone happy.

    Spunkify you are and have been doing a great job. MM was very marketable and a tough guy to follow but I think you are doing a great job at it and deserve far more credit than you receive.

  2. i agree being open and personal opinions is one thing very much needed from the staff.
    also sometimes why wont you randomly choose a game wich you havent talked much about recently and put it on a showcase?

    also i wouldn’t mind if MMObomb brought news from the console and other platform games. expand the horizons … that way its much more fun.

    sry abt any mistakes i just woke up lol.

  3. I’m not sure why my message didn’t display, but I was going to say the same thing as asurangenius.

    If I could make a suggestion, because there really are so many topics to go on but also many other sites that already offer editorials…

    I would really love to see you guys take on a true, earnest attempt at round-table debate about some hot topics right now. Get some really passionate, argumentative types to support all sides of an issue, even the middle ground. Try something easy like free to play versus subscription model as the first one, and see how it goes over? (Look up round table political debates if you are not sure what I mean)

    Glad to see you are hearing the community out, spunkify. Brings me back some faith in MMOBomb.

  4. asurangenius

    I think you have some good points. I can definitely try to incorporate more opinion into the podcasts and discussions.

      • both i think, not that much going on in f2p scene and a lot of promotional stuff on the site.

        well still there are like bazilions of patches here and there, small and big updates and games trying not to become pay2win with diffrent aproaches. i think mmobomb needs more editorials and more, khem, “direct aproaches”. like, eh, i just tried this one, and… let’s talk about it.

        • Well other than the giveaways, our articles are primarily previews of new major content, new games, beta news, and a few editorial discussions. If you are saying you think we need more editorial discussions, then I understand where you are coming from. To be clear, this was not a promotion. There are quite a few people interested in knowing when this expansion will begin its beta.

          • what you are saying = promotional stuff website. yep there are some ppl that already know the “news” via newsletters, apps, etc. site, mmobomb just doesn’t have its former “soul”…sad

            hmm just look at comments for past news, there’s nothing. even here its meta discussion with your ready statement 🙂 yep hurray for war thunder, and something *** for mmobomb…

            where’s bombs?

          • there’s so much topic – ftp v btp v ptp, cute races, monetization, eu v na, promotions, even open world v dungeons v matches and + personal preferences. and still in you news, live shows and cast you are just commenting on things, and vaguely. it’s nuinsence.

            sry for my bad english, still i hope u understand what im saying.

          • while magicman was great i don’t think he was a genius (like i am 🙂 ) . the thing is – he and his staff managed to make all talking personal, like i like this and dislike that and that.

            in the end it made everything much more fun and open to discuss. now it’s just let’s say that white is white and black is black. empty and shallow, i would say. overall i have nothing against new staff, but now website turned to be like one of xxxxx, instead of being somewhat special.imho

          • I very agree with asurangenius (i admit this guy kinda genius too)
            like he said,mmobomb dont have old feeling
            thing such as Free to Play Weekly with Jessica (the current is like reading article…sorry to say it)
            Magicman review (dmn i miss this)

            not like skunkify do bad job or such thing, but we need something different with different approach


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