Into The Echo: A Time Travel MMORPG With A Way For Players To Create Their Own Identities

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Canadian developer ETLOK Studios announced Into The Echo yesterday. The new title -- which may or may not be free-to-play -- is an MMORPG with a focus on allowing players to truly develop their own characters. This doesn't just mean leveling them up, obtaining gear, and doing all the things you generally do in an MMO, but also finding "their own unique purpose".

The game is set on the planet Raava, a world subjected to cosmic events that have altered its evolution. The result is that the world's inhabitants possess a unique ability called Qen. Players will need to master Qen while also choosing their own way. Ideally, players will be able to choose from a wide variety of personal paths ranging from becoming a master craftsperson to a code-breaker, or a warrior. Whatever they do, the one thing all players will have in common is that they will need to contribute in some way to the world around them. Part of doing this also seems to involve stepping into the past -- or "the echos of the past" -- in order to solve mysteries taking place.

Into the Echo appears to be a big picture project, as the developers hope to have it span across media platforms and become "a launching pad for next generation social interactions". This is one of the reasons there's such a focus on each player having a unique identity.

Interestingly, the game also seems to have a focus on mental health -- which also appears to impact how the game may be monetized. As the statement on the developer's commitment to mental health notes, their "core values" prevent them from adding pay to win, pay for convenience, or progress limiting micro-transactions. The statement addresses other things such as toxicity, removing some of the barriers generally found when socializing in games, and more. The full statement can be read on the game's site.

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