Enad Global 7 CEO Robin Flodin has been making games since he was 11 and launched his first title before finishing university. He played Counter-Strike, Warcraft III, DotA “even before it was called DotA,” EverQuest when he was 16, and spent a thousand hours in one Total War campaign. (As a TW veteran, I’m amazed by that, since it usually takes me around 50-75 hours per campaign.) Today, he’s playing Mount & Blade, which could refer to the ultra-popular Warband or the more recent installment, Bannerlord.

After getting through some personal details by way of introduction, Flodin explained that yes, his company owns game developers like Daybreak and Piranha Games, but the actual creation of the games is left up to the individual studios, helping to get them the resources they need to succeed.

And the studio people have “the most questions about” is Daybreak. Flodin had a lot to say about H1Z1, which has been all but ignored since EG7 took over in December. There’s a reason for that, because “there is no team working on the game.”

As such, the EG7 team itself has spent the last few months evaluating the code base and they now have “running builds of Just Survive” but admits that “you’re not going to see updates” over the next few months. Right now, he’s looking to gather feedback from the community on exactly what they want while finding a team — possilbly at another developer, by the sound of it — that could implement those changes in the battle royale version of the game, and maybe resurrect the survival version of the game (again).

Flodin repeatedly mentioned the importance of better communication and getting feedback from players on how to improve his company’s games. That includes addressing the community “maybe once every six months … from a corporate level.” Every game developer and publisher states that their goal is better communication, but I’ll admit that Flodin comes across quite well and seems truly heartfelt in his words. At the very least, he’s bound to be more honest and forthcoming than Daybreak’s last upper management team, especially when it comes to H1Z1.


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