Elder Scrolls Online Blog Post Offers Players A Look At The Voice Over Process

Voice-Over Lead Becky Ichnoski discusses the months-long process.

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Elder Scrolls Online Voice Acting

Yesterday, Bethesda shared a fairly lengthy post on the Elder Scrolls Online blog in which they talk with VO Lead Becky Ichnoski about what it takes to voice the MMORPG. The discussion covers a process that takes months from preparing everything to adding the recorded voices to the game’s characters. The progress discussed pretty much covers the English voicing – which is around 300,000 lines of dialogue.

The post itself is pretty thorough when discussing the process, even going over auditions and negotiating contracts. It also covers what’s changed since COVID. As we know, a lot of voice actors went to recording from their own homes – some even going so far as to build their own in-home booths.

There are other interesting tidbits as well. For instance, how they deal with helping ensure voice actors pronounce the words specific to their game correctly. Currently, they have a pronunciation guide with more than 9,000 words in it. With every update, writers add more words to the guide.

To find out more about the process, hit up the post on the Elder Scrolls Online site.

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