Server mergers are not always the most pleasant things for MMO gamers. Sure, they give you more people to play with, but they can be incredibly involved and if you’re not careful, it can become a mess and you can lose stuff.

To help TERA players make the transition during their upcoming merge, En Masse has provided a handy FAQ detailing things they “recommend” everyone do. They don’t require you to do anything prior to the merge, but you’re probably going to need to anyway. Particularly when it comes to how many characters you can actually transfer over.

EME plans to allot character slots to players based on the highest amount of character slots they have unlocked on a single server. So, if you have three on one and seven on another, you’re only going to have seven slots on the new server. This means at least three will have to go. And, if you end up with more than the allotted seven characters on the new server, it’s going to muck things up a bit. (Keep in mind this is only in cases where a player is on two servers that are merging with each other.)

The FAQ also offers information on transferring items, mail, and all the other stuff you’re probably gonna want to keep. So before the merge happens, pop over to the TERA site to check it out.

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