Fortnite is still in early access, which means changes will be made until its free-to-play launch next year. That may seem obvious, but it bears mentioning, especially now that the public is being let into the game — and paying for it. That can cause some consternation when things aren’t immediately perfect, as has been the case the past few days regarding the game’s later progression.

To sum things up, after a certain point in the game, progression slows way down, as players stop receiving rewards and loot pinatas from quests. Of course, you can buy pinatas from the game’s cash shop, which had a lot of people this past week calling the game “pay-to-win.” Yes, it’s a PvE game, so you may say that you can’t actually “win.” However you define things, though, if the feeling among players is that the game is “pay to progress at anything resembling a reasonable rate,” a lot of them won’t play — or pay.

In response, Epic’s Zak Phelps created a post today on the Fortnite forums titled “State of the Game: Progression,” indicating that, yes, the team is aware of certain issues regarding late-game progression. He acknowledged that the game is, yes, in early access, and that Epic would need the help of those early access testers to identify exactly what the problem was and how to fix it.

Phelps then went into detail to explain some of the game’s more granular — and, some might argue, not-too-well-explained-in-the-game — concepts, as well as linking to a video (reproduced below) that explains them in more detail. Nothing’s going to be a quick fix, but it’s good to see the company is aware of the issues with its games. Hey, if Paragon, also by Epic, could get “more rewards, faster,” there’s hope that the same will happen with Fortnite.

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  1. TLDR: I like the game a lot, but at current progression rates, if it goes like this f2p, after playing for the first 30+ hours or so, if you are not lucky with llama drops and don’t wanna buy v-bucks (that it’s a risk to, as you still depend on RNG) you are better of making a new account and trying again, and again, until you get super lucky on one account and stick with that one.
    The Long Subjective Version: IMO they really need to fix v-bucks or llama income, so it is good they are aware of it. I really hit a brick wall around 17-18 power, since i was not lucky with weapon drops (no mystic or legendary weapons at all and the epic ones were not that great to a point where i often preferred to use blue weapons), where i was very weak for plankerton and overleveled for stonewood. XP gain around then also has a sudden drop at some point and it drops from gaining 2-4 levels to 0.5-1 levels (with xp boosts). Not like grinding for XP it’s a new thing to me, but the drop is way to sudden.
    When you start playing you are spoiled with v-bucks and llamas. Easy first levels of challenges and quests bring tons of v-bucks you open one llama after another, then it slows down slowly (if at first you have challenges like complete 1 or 2 storm shield defense, then it goes up to 3 and 4 and so on), the challenges get more grindy and i am fine with that up to a point. THE problem is that at some point the challenges simply stop. Especially those giving v-bucks. Except one, the challenges i have left (survivors, mythic monsters) only bring me crafting materials.
    You still get 50 v-bucks from daily quests, but you get one daily quest each day and one llama costs 100 (there are also the founder llama daily login rewards, but i imagine that will be disabled for non-founders or give some useless stuff). I still have some occasional main or secondary quests that gives some v-bucks, but at some point i imagine with progression slowing down even more you are only left with the dailies.
    How i passed that brick wall you might ask? Well, i wish it wasn’t the case, but got a 1000 v-bucks llama, v-bucks that i bought, llama that guarantees a legendary, and i got lucky with it and it upgraded to a golden llama and dropped me 2 legendary shotguns, 1 mystic survivor (my first ever mystic drop) and some other cool stuff. Now i am back in the game!… for a little while.
    If it was F2P, instead of risking my money on the rng, i would have probably just made a new account and tried again, maybe i would have got luckier at the start.
    P.S.: Just to make things clear while the game has some serious problems that need solving, i still find it very enjoyable. I was not expecting it to reach the popularity that it did, but i am glad it did. Maybe that will motivate Epic Games to shift a bit more focus on it.

  2. I think Epic is paying for being SO cynical about this game. I played this months ago as I was lucky to get into the early alpha (or w/e they were calling it). To now charge people for the privilege of playing it for another year (I will buy and then eat a hat if that dateline doesn’t get extended) until it goes `Free to Play` is just money grabbing of the worst kind. I got bored of it really quite quickly as I think it is more of a pick up an d play kind of game rather than something I would invest a huge chunk of hours into.

    Oh, and have you SEEN the prices for the oh so special `founders packs` ? £34.99 for the CHEAPEST one. Yeah. no thanks…

    • Hilarious, right? Dumb people throwing money at EA and complaining that “It’s not ready” or “Doesn’t work properly” lol. Bunch of morons, really.
      Gotta love this “Shut up and take my money” generation.

      • Wait so you’re saying that people shouldn’t complain about flaws of early version because they have payed for the game? That’s even more messed up than expecting early access to have no issues. Which was not the case here IMO, people just want to see things fixed because that’s the point of testing.

        • No, I’m saying they should know what to expect when buying EA games. It’s the chance you take when you purchase an unfinished game. And those chances are always going to include bugs and other issues.
          I wasn’t really talking about this particular game but EA games in general, to be honest.
          Complaining about “broken” games isn’t going to help whatsoever. Detailing the issues in a precise and coherent manner is what will help. I see so many posts across forums and on Steam with “OMG, diz gaim duz not werk!!!!1!!1 Boycott dervelopers naow!!!!” and other childish comments such as this.
          And it only gets worse with large groups of people throwing money at a game that is obviously not finished yet, requires lots of work and content, then will be much cheaper later down the line.

          • Or abandoned, like so many potentially good games that have had sufficient support. Which is always a shame.


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