Ok gang, stay with me on this one as things get a bit weird. Daybreak Games has announced that they will be trying out a new prison server called Drunder. Yes, Everquest II has been merging servers but this new server is being made for a very specific purpose…rule breakers.

The free to play MMORPG’s new server will be the repository for Norrath’s undesirables. Is your aim while playing Everquest II to make other player’s lives miserable? Then don’t be surprised if a GM (the ultimate judges on who is banished to Drunder) send you on a one way trip that you cannot come back from…ever.

“Well, if my character gets booted there I’ll just roll another character!” I hear some of you saying. Nope. This is an account wide booting. Your account and every character on it gets exiled to Drunder, no appeals, no revisiting, you go there and you stay there. You’d have to create a whole new account to get out of the prison server.

What’s the deal with this server? Well, it has no customer service at all, and you’ll have to maintain a membership to play. On the plus side, you can do whatever the hell you want in game since no one is watching you anymore. If you want to voluntarily go play on the server, you can petition to do so, just remember that this is a one way trip for your entire account, not a specific character.

It’s an interesting test. I’ve seen other MMORPGS do “jails” and other “time out” type devices, but this kind of takes things to a whole new level making the membership required. The required membership is probably a wise move otherwise I’m sure a “no rules” server would become the most popular server, but finding a way to milk payments out of players who aren’t great for your game anyway also seems like a desperate financial move. We’ll have to watch how it plays out.

You can read the full forum post on the Everquest II forums.

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  1. So basically a payed free for all pvp server for trolls. Why do they have to word stuff in such rose colored tones? If they made it free i’d play it voluntarily, sounds fun. The issue I had with EQ ` and 2 is that initiating pvp damned you to a life on the lamb trying to hide from guilds full of do-good rpers who want to kill you and take your gear. Which is the other qualm, if you never initiate pvp your gear is safe but if you say, troll a player until they can no longer resist the urge to slaughter you on sight you can then hunt them with guild mates to take their gear. On both games. Which is neat but then it gives the sneaky and more annoying trolls a pass to really mess you up. Anyhow a pvp server loaded with core gamers instead of hero rpers might salvage the game if they sorted out all their restrictions and content pay walls.

  2. My only comment is that if there is a loophole in the system, say for example people are kicked to the prison server on false accusations, that without customer service, could be detrimental to the games population.

  3. Pffffffffhahahahah.. this guys have nothing to do whit gaming…… very un professional and they make bad decisions at evry turn….. learn to f2p right DayBrak!

  4. “What’s the deal with this server? Well, it has no customer service at all, and you’ll have to maintain a membership to play…”

    I kinda stopped right there. I don’t really see the sense in this since people will just end up canceling the sub, making a new account and adding a subscription there? Am I missing something here? I can’t see anyone willing paying a sub after being banished there..and really $15 is dick if you’re resolute enough in making people miserable.

    And for some this would be absolute heaven–completely lawless. I’m not really seeing many downsides here that can’t be fixed with a small handful of dollars..

  5. This makes no sense at all, any player that gets “banished” there will simply stop playing, noone is stupid enough to pay to keep playing on a deserted server.. so you lose players, just give those players chat restriction for a month or more and done, they’ll keep playing and won’t bother anyone. unless they do something more than just abusing players over chat, im not playing so wouldn’t know.

    • I actually applaud them for this. It is where the toxic players go, it is where the ‘cheaters’ go, it is where the worst players ‘personality wise’ go. It is a prison server, and it IS designed to scare these type of people away. Some of course would just make new accounts, but if they keep their toxic behaviors up then they will be sent to this.

      Sounds like Australia, only for a video game.

      • hackers dont care about accounts in the first place, with their hacks they just make a new account and keep doing what they are doing til it gets banished then they rinse and repeat, that is the whole point of hacks, most dont give 2 shits about being banished cause most the hackers are just mule accounts botting for money so alot of times they arent even infront of the computer to be wasting their time anyway.


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