Escape From Tarkov Takes To The Streets, Co-Op PvE Gets Non-Hydration Option

The game’s latest update expands the city, adding several new buildings and streets to explore.

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Tarkov Update

A new update has arrived in Battle State Games’ Escape From Tarkov. This one expands the city, adding a new district filled with businesses, both active and defunct. The area is located at the intersection of Primorsky Avenue and Klimov Street. It features an abandoned factory, a residential complex, a car dealership, a movie theater, a supermarket, a hotel, and more. Everything added in this patch is only part of what’s being added to the city.

City expansion isn’t the only thing players have to look forward to in this update. There are also new and reworked skills, new repair kits and enhancements, weapons, and equipment. The devs also expanded on the game’s co-op PvE, adding new settings. If players want something a bit less hardcore, this is the expansion for them, as they can now disable energy and hydration loss, meaning they will never suffer negative effects from losing those stats. In addition, new upgrade levels have been added for the shooting range in hideouts and five new stimulants exist in the game. Details on these are available in the patch notes.

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