There’s a snowstorm going on in Crossout — because gunfire apparently wasn’t enough of a hazard, so now drivers need to deal with icy roads, too.

Actually, Update 0.12.30 “Snowstorm” brings a festive new mode, “Present Heist,” which has players defending a cargo truck loaded down with gifts from the villainous “Gronch” and his henchmen. The enemies come in waves as you escort the truck from one base to the next, and you can also complete side missions to help in the truck’s defenses.

Complete the Present Heist to earn Crackers, which can be redeemed for various prizes. In addition, from each day until Jan. 12, you can upgrade a different weapon using your Crackers, which sounds like an odd way to do weapon maintenance.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention the “Bobsleigh” armored truck that’s available as part of the “Explosive Santa” pack. I mean, look at this majestic beast:

Details on what else can be found in that pack, as well as everything else in the Snowstorm update, can be found on the Crossout site.


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