R2 Games’ Eternal Fury just got a big update, to go along with a celebration commemorating the game’s second anniversary. That runs until the 23rd and introduces a new hero that will “will become fully available and playable within the next update.” For now, you can use the code G9B7ZS to receive a gift package containing an Epic Experience Scroll, Small Stamina Potion, Power Potion, and a Sack of Gold. (And for even more free loot, check out our Eternal Fury giveaway.)

The 3.2 update proper brings a new holy wing, Lucid Dreams, as well as a new mount and heroes. In the future, R2 is promoting a farming system coming in 3.2.1, which will let players plant and harvest their own crops, with a number of options available for how to advance your skill, as well as researching seeds and soil to maximize your yields and profits.

Don’t like farming but still want some of those tasty veggies? You’ll have that option, as “those with negligible know-how and loose morals will also have the chance to pinch plants from the gardens of their friends.” I think they mean “former friends.”

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