Eternal Return Will Launch Season 7: "Neon Aftershock" Next Month, Players Can Unlock Season Pass Now

The Season 7 pack will have a 70% discount until September.

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Eternal Return Neon Aftershock

Eternal Return, the free-to-play MOBA title by Nimble Neuron and Kakao Games, has announced that Season 7: "Neon Aftershock" will drop on September 1. Eager players can start unlocking the upcoming Season Pass now if they'd like, going for 70% less until launch.

Neon Aftershock will debut a new escape mechanic only available in Ranked matches, adding diversity to encounters and giving players chances to flee. After looting slain animals or air supplies, players can create a Rootkit that will assist them with escaping areas. The catch is that a Rootkit operates differently depending on how many players you play with: up to two players in solo can escape together and team play will only allow one team to leave the island safely.

Alongside the new escape mechanic are changes to the in-game stat "Skill Amplification" and seven new Augments so players can customize their loadout. Also, improvements to Saved Plans will make the Lumia Island map essential for finding areas to complete a player's build. As for the upcoming Season Pass with a 70% discount, it's bundled with four new characters, 12 skins, a emote, tombstone, and exclusive Pass skin.

For more information, check out the Eternal Return website to learn more!

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