Launched on June 30th, the “Edge of Night” expansion introduced fully-playable 3D vampire characters into longstanding MMORPG, Eudemon’s Online. The expansion promised a massive shake up to the world of Cronus and the equilibrium enjoyed by the current classes, as well as a new storyline, items, mounts, pets and more content than ever before for players to tuck into.

The Vampires in Eudemons are inspired by the likes of Vlad the Impaler and Countess Dracula (aka Elizabeth Bathory). “I can’t think of another MMO that handles Vampires like we do”, says Stephy Chi, Marketing Manager at TQ Digital, “We looked at movies like 30 Days of Night and Let the Right One In when designing them for Eudemons Online. The powers, mounts, pets and sacrifice system are all inspired by the darker side of the vampire legend – just as it should be!”.

The fourth class to enter the Eudemons universe, the Vampires have been hiding in the shadows for many centuries, gradually increasing in power and honing their skills. But now, with a new darkness spreading across Cronus that threatens to consume even them, the vampires are forced to show themselves and join the fight.

But their facial appearance, gothic avatar and seductive bodies are not their only good looking features. Players can also take their vampire characters on a thrilling ride through Cronus with their class-exclusive mount, “Ghostly Horse” – a terrifying undead horse surrounded by deep royal blue flames that leave a trail of fire when it runs.

What’s more, the Ghostly Horse works differently to all other mounts in the game; Vampires are born to converge with a Eudemon called a Blood Soul – because of this, their pets level at the same time as them, needing no other special training or input to grow stronger. This is an unprecedented feature for an MMORPG, blurring the line between pet and character to offer a playable alternative that is truly unique.

A unique class requires a unique method of evolution, and TQ Digital have done exactly that with their new “Sacrifice” system. Compared to the games former evolution system, the Sacrifice system is much more convenient and faster. It doesn’t require a certain type of Eudemon and it can be opened anywhere, anytime. If some of your friends are willing to offer their blood, you’ll level up even faster.

As an established game that was released more than 5 years ago, the introduction of an otherworldly class has shaken the Eudemons world as much as it would shake ours. The vampire’s skills; such as the ability to travel at the speed of lightning; suck blood; and even penetrate an opponents health regardless of whether they have Eudemons converged or not; are brand new to EO and challenge the other established classes into a new way of thinking.

If you’re a fan of playing the role of vampires, be sure to give Eudemons Online a try. You can sign up and play Eudemon’s Online for free at


  1. Ragnarok private servers are stuffed and have good communities its a fun game try a private server and you will fall in love if not go back to wow please 😀

  2. ehm …… I Though this game was kinda … outdated ? Same for ragnarok . i actually tried ragnarok
    a few weeks ago , and it sucked >.> cus simply no1 played it 0.o so i think this game is the same


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