The latest update for World of Warships has landed, “against all odds,” as the trailer says — no doubt referring to the difficulties most developers are facing these days. Update 0.9.3 adds a new line of European destroyers — eight Swedish and one Austro-Hungarian — which were previewed in early access form last month. The destroyers sport long-range torpedoes and the Repair Party consumable but no Smoke Generators, a first for destroyers of any nation.

The European destroyers are featured in the Strong Willed campaign, in which players will use both a mix of the new ships and old ones to complete the various tasks. The campaign runs for six months, with the final reward being a unique 10-point Polish commander Jerzy Świrski.

Other changes in this update include better matchmaking, to limit the number of carriers in a match and the occurrence of being two tiers below the top tier in a battle, easier mounting of signal flags, and UI tooltips to better describe ships in the tech tree. To learn more about this update, visit the World of Warships site.

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