Eve Online’s Fourth And Final Quadrant For 2021 Focuses On The Game’s Economy

Mining, compression, and resources all get love as the quadrant launched today.

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Eve Online 4th Quadrant 2021

All year long, CCP has been working on improving Eve Online’s ecosystem, working on various sections with updates known as Quadrants. Today, the company launched the fourth and final quadrant for 2021 – titled “New Dawn”. Each Quadrant focuses on improving something different in the game. For instance, when Quadrant 3: Gateway launched in September, it focused on improving the new and returning player experience – implementing things like tutorials on how to pilot ships. For the fourth Quadrant, CCP is focusing on improving the game’s economy with changes to mining, compression, and resources.

As noted in the blog post on the Eve Online site, CCP has already done some work toward improving the distribution of resources in the game and even changed how ships relying on those resources to be made are manufactured. Now, New Dawn will increase resources throughout New Eden, updating the game’s mining system and rebalancing mining ships.

The update doesn’t just concentrate on the economic aspect, however. It also adds four new exploration sites intended to reward those brave enough to venture into the most dangerous parts of space. Those willing to do so, and who manage to do so successfully, will fly away with capital and supercapital construction components. Obtaining these items will require players to explore three different AEGIS facilities and the Overmind Nursery Grove sites. Descriptions of each of these areas, as well as more details on the other changes, can be found on the Eve Online blog.

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