CCP’s long-running sci-fi MMO EVE Online will soon be opening up to a lot more people. Earlier today, CCP revealed its plans for a free-to-play (of sorts) mode. The new mode — or as CCP refers to it, “clone states” — will allow non-paying players to participate in the game with access to a limited set of skills. This is known as the Alpha Clone. Paying players — whether using cash or PLEX — will have access to the full set of skills as Omega clones.

According to CCP, Alpha clones will be able to participate in most in-game activities. They will, however, have a limited faction-specific set of skills available to them. This means they will also be limited to a specific set of ships they can pilot — specifically Frigates, Destroyers, and Cruisers owned by their faction.

While new players won’t be terribly affected by this, returning players do need to note that their skills and access to any ships and other things outside of their skillset will effectively be turned off. This means that if you have an older account with the ability to fly ships beyond the ones listed here, those abilities will be gone until you subscribe again.

CCP outlined the full details of this new system which will arrive in November in a blog post on the game’s site. There is also a basic FAQ and a list of the skills that will be available to Alpha clones.

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  1. Companies make way more money on a free to play model then a subscription based model. It is a proven fact that you can look up. They are laughing at us more now then they ever did before. You will gladly pay up to 20 bucks for a shine new piece of gear with NO stats, but it looks cool to you. Has you been in a subscription base model you would have gotten that piece of gear included. Companies are not switching over because the game is failing but because they see the potential to make MORE money. Long running games like EVE just take longer because they want to do it right and not make it looked rushed.

  2. sometimes I wonder why eve online and planet arkadia/calypso etc have never been free 2 play games from the beginning,It is very strange after all this time they want to put the game for free like that(maybe because the game is dying something like that)…I always wanted to play eve online, I have my concerns on the eve become Free2Play however it had become a chance for me to see how the game actually is…i hope someday planet arkadia become free2play too its hard but not impossible to happen.

  3. Why is the games media calling it f2p when CCP themselves avoid it? Its clearly an endless trial like the one WoW has had for awhile.

    • Yeah but you at least have to buy just 1 subscription and as long as you keep playing and buying WoW subscription tokens with ingame gold from the auction house then you can have unlimited subscription time until you stop buying sub tokens. Seems pointless to me but it also seems fair since it seems like a really fair business model.

  4. CCP >>
    If you want to make it limited free2play then you should prepare to new players.
    Newbie players will need a more intuitive help guide in game.

    • limited free 2 play players are only an entertainment for the paying players. It makes them feel good if to be better than other peoples so they keep paying.

      On the one hand they want to get more players to make everyone think this is a great game. On the other hand they don’t want to miss the monthly subs because the game is build on it.

      Imo limited free to play always fails because paying people almost always get unfair advantages. Age of conan or archeage was also limited free to play as far as I know. Take a look where it is now.. First you try it for free but in the end they make you pay. Its like a drug dealer giving out free drugs. You take it for free but and get addicted to it and spend money on it. At some point the players wake up and realize what they are doing and the game dies.

      Sadly the term free to play is not what it means anymore. Free to play was ruined by greedy companies. They started to sell unfair advantages in cashshops to get more money out of their players. Limited free to play is even worse. Its like a demo with all downsides of a pay to win game.

      • One of the fail advantages I think should of never became a thing was level up boosts. I thought the point of playing was to play the game? Buying it just ruins it.

        • umm exp boosts are actually very useful for people with limited playing time and its not like they give any advantage you level up faster but it doesn’t mean you are better than someone at the same level who didnt use exp boosts. Also most games with exp boosts have ways to obtain them for free

      • damn dude i agree with you i only saw truth in this text…gorgeous. these companies are a lot of dumbass people they take our money they buy luxury cars riding around the beach laughing in our face,these guys who pay monthly subscription to play are a bunch of blind idiots who do not want to see the reality is like the television and the media make you want to believe that everything is fine but since the reality is totally different for me the term free 2 play is only an excuse to later want to fill their pockets is all outlined.

    • You gotta buy a WoW subscription at least once to get it free then you gotta start playing often to buy WoW sub token for ingame gold from the auction house for free since limited free players on WoW can’t hold more then 2 pieces of gold I think. Idk exact but I know they can’t get enough for the auction house’s WoW sub tokens due to the restrictions.


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