EVE Online's Havoc Expansion Launches Today, Introducing Space Piracy And New Ships

There's also plenty of enhancements to existing systems in the game.

Matthew D'Onofrio
By Matthew D'Onofrio, News Editor Posted:

EVE Online Havoc Expansion

Today, we can finally wreak havoc…because the Havoc Expansion for EVE Online launches.

Players can now align with either the Angel Cartel or Guristas Pirates, gaining unique benefits and participating in piracy activities. The MMORPG's expansion introduces Pirate Insurgencies in Factional Warfare zones, allowing them to influence corruption and suppression to control systems dynamically. Players engage in activities to sway the balance between pirates and anti-pirates, impacting high-security systems and creating new frontlines.

In terms of ships, the expansion unveils five new pirate ships — including the Angel Titan. The LP stores for Guristas Shipyards/Sotiyos are overhauled too, offering exclusive ship blueprints and discounted pirate ship blueprints. Also, the build costs for pirate capitals like Vanquisher, Komodo, and Molok are standardized.

Corporations receive significant enhancements as well with the Corporation Projects feature, enabling leaders to set goals, monitor progress, and automatically reward members. And Alliance and Corporation emblems are now available on specific ships.

As for photon improvements, they introduce custom color themes for Omega users — allowing individual UI color customization. And then typography receives updates with new font sizes, and the Settings Menu is expanded to a full-screen experience for a more modern look.

Check out the full list of patch notes.

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