For those of us with a passing interest in EVE Online’s massive battles, now would be a pretty good time to pay attention to what’s going on. Currently another major war is under way in the game and when it comes to the real-world cash costs of destroyed in-game items, the nearly 130,000 players may be on their way to beat previous records.

Although they still have a way to go to reach 2018’s more than $1,000,000 total, they’re nearly halfway to the $300k worth of ships damaged in 2014’s big space war. Of course, if the war lasts long enough, they may beat 2018’s numbers and end up in the Guinness Book of World Records again.

Right now, $112,000 in ships and structures have been destroyed. Among these are massive structures known as Keepstars. Normally just one of these have been a big deal but three of them, priced at $1,777 each, have already been destroyed. This means that at the moment, the Keepstars account for $5,333 of the damages accumulated so far.

Of course, players aren’t just destroying things. These wars are about territory. And some alliances have already taken over space that previously belonged to someone else. If you’re interested in those kinds of changes, CCP provided us with a couple of images showing what the maps used to look like versus what they look like now.

Day 1
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