For those who missed it, CCP and a whole lot of EVE Online players invaded Las Vegas for the annual EVE Vegas event this past weekend. The event almost didn’t happen thanks to some of CCP’s gear — including wristbands — being held up at customs.

Luckily for everyone involved, CCP’s space MMO is really popular with government and military types. So, it probably shouldn’t be surprising that when one player found out about the holdup he was able to make some calls and get the whole thing fixed up with a few hours to spare.

Player Commander Aze had arrived at the event early, hoping to get registration taken care of when he was told the gear was being held up for inspection. Aze holds a position in Homeland Security, so he put in a few phone calls and the whole thing was taken care of. According to his statement on Reddit, he apparently didn’t expect the news of his saving EVE Vegas to get out. But we all know how terrible the gaming community is at keeping secrets when something like this happens.

When Massively OP heard about the incident, they asked EVE’s Community Manger Paul Elsy — otherwise known as CCP Falcon — about it. Elsy added a bit more to the story than Aze did on Reddit stating that Aze’s a director at FEMA, and that he contacted someone at Homeland Security who saw to it the shipment was processed.

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