SOE has announced a new incoming change to Everquest 2 that will move the MMORPG from “somewhat Free-to-Play” to “a little more Free-to-Play than before”. In a news post on the official EQ2 website, SOE revealed come October 1st, item restrictions will be a thing in the past for the MMO.

Previously, both Free and Silver accounts were restricted from using Legendary and Fabled equipment. Since these items are arguably necessary for end-game content, it meant Free and Silver accounts were pretty much left out of the loop. Now both account tiers will be able to earn all items, without having to pay to use them. As a slight incentive boost for gold accounts, SOE will be adding a permanent 15% increase to earned coin and a 10% increase to mount speed.

SOE will also begin offering their first expansion, The Age of Discovery, as a feature bundle. The bundle will allow players to purchase all the features added in the expansion or selectively purchase only the features they want. The feature bundle will be available for 4000 Station Cash, with each individual feature offered at the following Station Cash rates:

* Beastlord: 2500 SC
* Mercenaries: 1500 SC
* Tradeskill Apprentice: 1000 SC
* Reforging: 1000 SC
* Dungeon Maker: 1000 SC

Players will still need to purchase the latest expansion, Chains of Eternity in order to reach the max level of 95. Details regarding Everquest 2’s upcoming expansion, Tears of Veeshan, will be revealed next week.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Wait for it.Wait for it.Do you here that?It’s the sound of a hundred subscribers to EQ2 raging over the item restrictions being removed.And calling anyone not subbing names lke freeloader and and silver account players duck and cover.Think I’m kidding go check the forums.They announced that not only are item restrictions are being removed but they giving every player the 20 AA from the AOD xpac since it’s being broken down into features.

    Personaly I think removing te item restrictions are great.I’m a long time EQ 2 player and I’ll still pay for gold to support the game I like.But it’s nice to know that if money is tight during a month I can still use the loot I get without needing unlockers or a sub.Any one saying it’s wrong that they are removing f2p restrictions cause it devalues gold.Is an idiot.God forbid if you like the game and you have the extra money that you choose to support the game to keep it going.

    And to anyone complaining about having to buy xpacs stop.expansions for p2p mmos usually cost money(yes I’m aware that a couple don’t but most have and do.).Here SOE is giving you the base game and all the xpacs from before DOV for free.So if SOE is only asking me to buy a expansion and not requiring a monthly fee I’m fine with it.And as a side note DOV is included with COE.So your getting too expansions for the price of one.As for beastlord being a feature you have to buy big deal beastlord sucks.Shadow knight for life.

    • Lol there’s no chance people will stop bitching. People like Cobraeik, Gamer and karnaij are those entitled individuals who feel $20 or less should be all it should cost for everything! Clearly they didn’t get the memo that Free2Play =/= All4Free.

    • Oh lordy lordy, 80 bucks is too much! The price of a standard AAA release is too much for hundreds of more hours of entertainment! Then people wonder why there are so many garbage F2P games released. People like you, sir, are the reason we get flooded with grindy, chinese-style lockout Pay2Win crap. Get a JOB, sir.

      • you are joking right? I have a job and some times I can not afford 80$ for a single game… plus most of the gamers now are kids who are too young to pay for games on there own and there parents dont give them that much money… plus either a game is f2p or its not… that half way crap is retarded and is what makes games crash… (Sept runescape) but really… get over you’re self

      • I bet Bic Boi is one of those trolls who mooch off of their parent’s credit card… seriously who wants to spend $80 on a game? Usually I would just spend a few cash for like a few months, nothing serious if it’s something good or something I like in the item shop.

        But overall, someone like Bic Boi must spend all his money on games… if he does have a job, I bet it wouldn’t be a good one due to his arguments and intellect. But overall… I just want to give him a good smacking.

        Still, it’s good that they’re giving out free-stuff, bad that they’re restricting many opportunities, like the levels…

        • Actually I work a standard $14 an hour job and live in a two bedroom apartment. I just know how to actually handle my money. But thanks for the insinuation that I mooch off my parents’ credit card. Clearly you people have never owned a console within the past few years.

          • Cause in Canada our economy doesn’t SUCK. It’s easy to find jobs starting at $14 so you don’t have to be poor bastards. I love life. 🙂

    • actually it’s only 40 bucks.And you get DOV with the COE xpac.And AOD is being broken down into features available on the cash shop.So you only need to buy the part you want and with the 20 AA from it being giving away free on october 1st.And most of the AOD featiures are not needed at all.And you don’t actually need the COE xpac to hit the level cap,it makes it alot more reasonable to reach.I have three level 95 toons and have not bought COE yet.But I am going to buy it in the next couple days cause I want to check out the xpac’s content.Hell with item restrictions gone I might level another alt since maybe more people might check the game out now.

  2. I wonder if EQ next will be truly ftp or limited ftp. Completely selfish but I hope their plan falls on it’s arse otherwise they could implement this for EQ next – shame because I’d like to give it a try but won’t touch games that force you to pay to be able to access all playable content.


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