In EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious your facial expression changes your character’s face in-game, and you can alter your voice. What do you guys think about SoE-mote?


  1. they ruined this game with swtor merc crap..parties are impossible to find because everyone is busy playing with themselves….so even tho i think this new tech is totally epic i doubt ill experience it in this game….at least not till i can afford a full membership…and at that point ill be working full time and not have time to put in…sooo blah

  2. Wow its pretty cool but .. first make the game fully free to play .. let us atleast play all the races bastards or else ill never play the game

  3. This is so awesome i can’t wait for oh.. i’m sorry. i’m going to need my credit card again *large sigh that makes the world spin to the next day* oops XD

  4. I think you’re right about that, but this idea seems excellent and I would like to see implemented in other games so I give him a +10


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