Perfect World Entertainment wants us to be entertained. Their latest upcoming MMO RaiderZ is about to hit open beta and with it comes a trailer filled with everything an action trailer needs, a deep voice over, an epic clash between man and Chimera, and lots of cinematic edits.

The trailer showcases one of the larger beasts to be found within RaiderZ, the Chimera. In the video, the voice of what can only be assumed to be an extremely tired frontline soldier, explains the groups clash with the winged beast blow by blow. The fight ultimately ends with the Chimera losing its precious horn and being defeated and I am sure somewhere someone asked “are you not entertained!?”

For those wishing to find out if RaiderZ is indeed an entertaining MMO the wait is almost over with the open beta date slated for October 24th. You can equip yourself ahead of time though with a key from our RaiderZ exclusive giveaway that contains special ingame items.

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  1. Demirian on October 20, 2012

    Already sick playing this game)))..

    have 5 characters 30 lvl in our Private Russia Server ))

    Game really nice but afte Eda location its starting really hard ..

    Full Healer the Best ! )

    Bers+Healer Hybrid nice too almost impossible kill and Mage 1 vs 1 …. ultima power

  2. Dantiko on October 19, 2012

    Hmm… I will give PW Entertainment one chance to prove themselves that they aren’t making only pay to win games, if this game gets to be pay to win I just have money to be spent elsewhere then, but if it gets to be a real Free to Play (the cash items become obtainable through ingame currency) I would be honored to play it.

    • Demirian on October 20, 2012

      No p2w game, coz here your Weapon-Your Heand ! and ofcourse your Network

      But ! But ! its work only when you pvp 1 vs 1, when you go in PK area then its just impossible evade 3-4 ppl sooo maybe then you can feel when som1 have uber-super clothes from Shop or Weapons or + Stats and ect.

  3. Infinitewave on October 19, 2012

    Looks like they almost have the Rathalos feel down (Monster Hunter players know what I mean). Good speed, and nice they’ve incorporated being able to sever monster parts. Hopefully, you’ll be able to craft with said parts. Perfect World Entertainment is not only continuing to hold it’s position as a premier publisher, but gaining in excellence, and demonstrating just what a quality production model f2p can yeild (Torchlight 2 excluded, from the strictly f2p label, being b2p, it would appear). I just started playing some PWI again feeling a tad nostalgic, haha. Can hardly wait to play RaiderZ. Kudos, PW Entertainment! (Especially, since Capcom seems incapable of delivering an equitable (I’m looking at you MH Frontier) Monster Hunter experience here in the west in a timely manner.

  4. WhiteVoid on October 19, 2012


  5. vl4d123 on October 19, 2012

    I cant see my key i accidently closed my browser and now i cant enter my key help please

    • Aladeen on October 19, 2012

      They send you a mail with the key.

  6. Issuran on October 19, 2012


  7. eckos1234 on October 19, 2012

    Quinto !

  8. BATMAN on October 19, 2012

    I’m BATMAN nanananana

  9. Echoman on October 19, 2012


  10. Tobiaswow08 on October 19, 2012


  11. majorx on October 19, 2012

    sec !_!

  12. Mitaka on October 19, 2012