Open-world PvP game The Exiled has a new patch live going live this week, which will no doubt come as welcome news to its enormous player base.

Among the game’s notable changes in the 1.5 update are the game worlds being open 24/7, as opposed to their previous three-hour window, and players can now regenerate twice as often per day. Water — yes, plain old water — also gets a buff, with players able to go a full hour without drinking and “You are now always able to drink water from a well as long as you are not overloaded,” which eliminates issues like “Sorry, I’m full on ammo, I can’t drink any more.”

In even better free-to-play news, the free trial period has been eliminated, so you can play as long as you like without purchasing a supporter’s pack.

Meanwhile, the dev team has gone “back to the drawing board with our plans to re-set the game.” That means that there won’t be major changes for the time being, since “we have no convincing plan for the future of the game.” Uh, that sounds … what’s the opposite of “good”?

If you’re still interested in a game that, by the devs’ own admission, has no plan for the future, you can read the full patch notes for The Exiled’s Oct. 6 update here.

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  1. Honestly, I LOVED the concept behind this game….too bad they missed their mark by a long shot, and don’t even have a game plan to fix it….. Love the commentary, it’s fitting for a dead game with mindless zombies behind the development.


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