Explore A Frozen World — And Get More Inventory Space! — In EverQuest’s 26th Expansion, Claws Of Veeshan


EverQuest‘s 26th expansion, Claws of Veeshan, is now live, and if you thought 2020 was bad for us, check out this description: “Velious is overwhelmed with writhing ice. Frozen undead swarm everywhere.” Suddenly, not being able to safely dine in restaurants doesn’t seem so bad.

Claws of Veeshan adds six new icy zones that adventurers will have to explore to uncover the secrets of the mysterious ice that threatens the entire continent. It also comes with the usual assortment of new quests, missions, raids, spells, combat abilities, AAs, and collections you’d expect from an expansion.

Of special note — especially to inventory-conscious gamers like myself — is the new Dragon’s Hoard feature. This is additional searchable inventory space “for those that have collected so many items it is nigh impossible to contain,” and includes 100 slots for All Access Members and 25 for non-members. You can purchase an additional 100 slots from the Marketplace.

You can pick up Standard, Collector’s, or Premium Editions of Claws of Veeshan for $34.99, $89.99, or $139.99. There’s also a Family & Friends bundle that goes for $249.99 and includes various tradeable items, including a full copy of the expansion. All packages include all previous expansions for the game. You can find out more about the expansion and its purchase options on the EverQuest site.


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