A new update has been released on PC for My.Games’ MMO Skyforge. Titled “Rock and Metal” the update introduces a new enemy, the reptilian Draconids of Terra. This new enemy is part of the new Toxic Wasteland dungeon. The dungeon is an “industrial badland” containing a few mysteries for players to explore — such as the impenetrable energy dome located in an excavation site. There are also toxic swamps filled with deadly fumes to avoid and plenty of other dangerous things.

It’s not all bad, though. Players who are lucky enough to make it to the safe zones may find some important information when they visit them. Also, a new Elder God form is available that will be most useful during the dungeon’s final battle — The Aspect of Vengeance. This is a ranged form available to any class. It’s a master of bows and plasma cannons in addition to having the ability to summon lightning and other weapons from the sky.

The update also introduces a new selection of weapons known as the Black Metal Collection. These new items are designed with the Firestarter, Soundweaver, and Grovewalker classes in mind.

Oh, yes! And this being December and all, the update also includes the Winter Celebration in-game event. While this is going, players can take part in ice skating, special races, receive daily gifts, and more. Details on the event and the rest of the update are available on the Skyforge site.

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