RuneScape’s year-long Elder God Wars story arc just received its latest chapter installment, titled The City of Senntisten. The new quest content for PC and mobile RuneScape takes players to, well, the city of Senntisten, where they’ll be “descending into the shadowy depths” of the “lost capital of the Zarosian empire.” There they’ll work to fortify the city against the coming war against the Elder Gods, who will soon be launching a full assault on Gielinor.

The city itself will require an Archaeology skill of 74 to enter, along with 74 Magic and 75 Slayer. Rewards for successful exploration and excavation include Ancient Magick spells, XP in Slayer and Archaeology skills, and an upgrade to the Pontifex Observation Ring.

According to RuneScape Executive Producer Ryan Ward, Senntisten represents “the prologue quest before the war truly begins. Over the coming months, the fate of Gielinor will be decided as players experience four fronts on the battlefield as the Elder Gods begin their assault.”

In addition to the in-game content, you can also pick up some new IRL content via some new additions to the RuneScape merch store. These include a 1,000-piece Map of Gielinor jigsaw puzzle, sunset-toned version of the Dusk Tutorial Island Pin, and an Elder God Wars keyring. You can also get a sneak peek at RuneScape: The First 20 Years, the commemorative book from Dark Horse Books that was announced in April and is now available for pre-order. Both main and deluxe versions will ship in October.

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