Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment have another test going on this weekend for WW2 F2P shooter Enlisted and they’ll be offering plenty of historical weapons and vehicles to soldiers on both sides of the war.

The test takes place in Berlin between, as German and Soviet soldiers do battle “for key government buildings, including the Reich Chancellery and even Hitler’s bunker.” As the battle is meant to simulate the end of the war, late-stage gear will be available to players, including powerful Soviet and German tanks, mortars, the experimental RD-44 machine gun, the Panzerschreck rocket-propelled anti-tank grenade launcher, and even the humble but deadly Molotov cocktail.

Gaijin envisions Enlisted as “a large-scale military simulator,” which necessitates not only infantry but also armor and aviation, though air vehicles will not be present in this test.

A full rundown of all the weapons and vehicles available in this test can be found here. You can learn more about the test, which runs until May 10, and sign up to be a part of it on the Enlisted site.


  1. This game feels like Battlefield + Band of Brothers which you should definitely try out. You could outfit your whole squad with different gear and order them around or control them one at a time. Each player gets at least 5 soldiers in a squad so imagine if you had 20 players in a match that’s 100 soldiers in the battlefield. The environment is destructible though not all of them. Game’s just in beta but it’s way more developed than BFV ever would be. The plethora of weapons is just amazing and would make you wet at first glance.


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