Fable Legends Not Coming To Steam, Will Be Windows 10 Exclusive

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Fable Legends Glory

It looks like Steam's newest competitor isn't Origin or GoG, but Microsoft itself.

In response to a curious fan, Lionhead Studios' social media coordinator said that Fable Legends "will be on Windows 10 but not Steam":

It's a curious move, to say the least, considering Steam's gigantic foothold on the PC gaming turf, and a sign that Microsoft might be looking to move in on that turf with Windows 10. Several other notable games, such as the free-to-play Gigantic, are also sold in the Windows 10, and Gigantic won't be playable on previous versions of Windows, though I'm not sure that there's any exclusivity for those games in terms of where they can be sold. At least, not that we know of at this time.

Picking up a few decent-sized, but not gargantuan, properties will make a few headlines, but could it be the precursor to bigger exclusives? The next Elder Scrolls or Civilization game, perhaps?

In any case, if you were hoping to play Fable Legends through Steam -- and maybe holding off or even not upgrading at all to Windows 10 -- how does this make you feel?

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Jason Winter
Jason Winter, News Editor
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Discussion (39)

anip 8 years ago
From what I heard in multiple places on the web

Window 10 still have a lot of issues, especially the part some players talked about with existing games.

This is because not all Developers are constantly working to update their games for all Operating Systems.
And you "CAN" run the games, but the games will at times have glitches, check different game's support forums, you'll find them.

It's the reason why there's still a lot of people using Window 7 regardless if Window 10 runs "supported games" better or not.

Arieswar 8 years ago
Im actully so filled with rage when it comes to this title.
First off windows 10 exclusive well wow.. how about microsoft just fix the shit they made before they release a new windows and tbh no one wants to change OS every 2 years... no one..

The Fable story dont deserve to be treated like this and sadly with this title the fable story will end and never come back again.. why?? because they crossed the line in making a moba of a game and think that the hype of fable fans will get it just because.. well .... you.

Im happy this shit dont end up on steam good riddance.. hope you bastards realize what you have done..

KilikGaia 8 years ago
What a dumb idea.

Eviil 8 years ago
Hello everyone,

first off, Microsoft owns the rights to Fable in regards to where this can played on. Microsoft has a say on where this be purchased on i.e. downloadable or retail. Microsoft does not have the right on modifying any software of fable., Big Blue Box Studios Limited does and its related partners.

NGoHT 8 years ago
Win 8.1 Update is my favorite so far just like xp was back in the days.
+ I didnt even hear about that game so ye, gtfo ms.

dark20xx 8 years ago
Dead on arrival, gj.
Win10 is a friggin botnet.

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Brainey 8 years ago
People who live in the past with Win7, just so you know, Win10 is the same. Actually, it's better and if you want to play future games on DX12, then good luck with your old OS.

Also, I really really hope people who complain about Win10 actually tried it and not just talk out of their butts. The only thing I can see bad in Win10 is probably the lack of drivers on older systems. But then again, if you have an old system you probably won't miss out on anything, since you wouldn't be able to run it anyway and can just stick to Win7.

Elveone 8 years ago
It had been known for quite a long time now that Fable Legends and Gigantic are going to be Windows 10 exclusive and it is hardly surprising that a f2p MMO from a pretty big company with their own platform that they are pushing aggressively atm is not coming to steam - it is a kin to expecting DOTA2 on Origin.

I personally haven't had any issues with gaming on Windows 10 - in theory everything that runs on 7 will run on 10. AFAIK there are some driver issues but that is to be expected with a new OS.

jellopy 8 years ago
So nix to Fable. Not shocking that M$ would try to force the transition to Vista 2.0 with their own game. Not worth it seeing as Windows 7 would likely run it better. Unless they sort out the issues with windows 10 not supporting existing games that I actually care about I won't upgrade my windows drive to 10, not even for free.

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-GG-TheSecondJoker 8 years ago
How to ruin your epic game. You don't need to. YOU ALREADY FU**ED IT UP! I hope you enjoy dissapointing your fans and being bankrupt. GJ. Only 10% will upgrade to win10 face it or not. It's forcing you to get a system. Not a better one, sadly. A worst one

MikoNCookies 8 years ago
They will fear the fans and take that back until the next con. It is Xbox One all over again.

FTK 8 years ago
Goodbye Fable and Gigantic, worst picks ever to take on Windows 10, gamer's still like their windows 7 and would be sticking to windows 7, maybe playing Fable in about 2 years from now LOL.

.-. 8 years ago
Windows 10 is free for 1 year for win7 and win8... There's an update...

Detestt 8 years ago
And so it begins. I just about had enough of "Exclusive"and Microsoft. Stick your windows 10 and your xbox one. I may as well go smash my PC now.

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EpicTony 8 years ago
That moment when your heart is crushed so you have to go and buy Windows 10......

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Literate Person 8 years ago
It says it will be on Win10. Nowhere does it say exclusively. Learn to read?

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sarido 8 years ago
What a weird thing to do lol, Well whatever I can still add it to my still library doesnt matter.

nexthazard 8 years ago
This is prob why atm Steam is F-ing up Win10 for me :(

Player1 8 years ago
well good look with that, microsoft is making the same mistake as when they released win vista, every program and game were for win vista only in order to sell that crap out

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Aey 8 years ago
Honestly I use Steam more as a running catalog and easy hub for install/uninstall than for anything else. I definitely second-thought games that don't offer a Steam DRM Key, mostly because I HATE HATE HATE trying to remember another password or where to download it again after I clean it out of my system.

Chillboi 8 years ago
lol this game will be so overlooked

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