Nexeon announced several major new features, bringing its unique science fiction MMO Face of Mankind to the next level!

Face of Mankind is already a one of a kind experience with its player run factions, including law enforcement, guns for hire and mega-corporations, political conflict, and civil unrest. The slew of new content in the latest patch means players won’t have a chance to breathe as they fight through the world of the Dominion, whether it be in the battle of a politician, diplomat or a soldier.

  • Wars, Expedited

The breakneck speed of Face Of Mankind’s real time, third-person shooter combat system is now matched by the new world takeover system. Be on your guard, lest your enemies wrest your colony from under your control – or even better, get to them first.

  • Cash In On Your Dissent

Activism and crime have never been so effective. Be a member of the Guardians, and help your faction force a colony’s owner to lower their taxes. Or resort to a life of crime and help your fellow Brotherhood member’s traffic illicit goods. Do it right, and even remove all semblance of law.

  • Be An Entrepreneur

The Public Apartment feature allows you to open up to the world at large. Charge an entry fee, only allow your friends, or host an underground dueling club – the possibilities are entirely up to you.

  • Time To Play Dress Up

No more restrictions – get in gear with all factions armor and clothing, despite whichever one you’re in. New armor attributes ensure that you’ll be trying out all kinds of gear to find what suits you best.

Be sure to check out the developer’s blog for an in-depth explanation of the upcoming features in patch –

Look the game up on its official website


  1. All you idiots out there bragging about graphics need take your pill and sit down.
    Your failing to decisively improve your argument in any form.
    – Steven

  2. First of all, graphics doesn’t define a game’s quality, we all have seen it with minecraft, second, this game is very awesome for a reason, there is no straight objective, you can just go and join a faction, climb on the ranks, it’s like life, meaningless, fight against bad guys, be a bad guy, deal drugs, but it could use more effective weapons, I mean, everyone just uses a PP5, an Orbit or an DOA 187, hardly an Tar and an RGI-9, and LED uses only 3 more weapons, that can stun, nothing more, I mean, it really could use some new weapons, or increase those weapons’ fire rate, because team kill would be fun.

  3. If graphic doesnt matter, then go and play 2d game you idiot, and we see how many time you can play it xD + with your suck computer.

    • you shit to your mouth… game graphic and game dimensions are 2 different things…. + if game sucks(gameplay, mechanisc, quests…) good graphic wont save it… + if you have nothing to say dont start atacking people personaly.. its stupid and shows you cant say anything reasonable

    • i can play them forever *w* i reach home from working, the i start playing crysis 2, red orchestra 2, the last remnant, (all on ultra high), skyrim, and then i go back to my emulator of game boy advance and start playing old tactics rpg, they are amazing, better than anything new on the pc, so a person can play ultra high graphgics games and still enjoy 2d shit graphics games, with an ultra computer, so you argument is invalid

      • Are you kidding me? It looks better than most MMOs? The only MMOs you’ve played were probably all made by Nexon, maybe that’s why you think it has better graphics than most MMOs.

    • Graphics is a luxury not a necessity, this game has amazing features. And if money was easy to get then it would be boring also. And yes map can be a bit better.

  4. Cool, the game just got kinda old, but now I hope it’s not pay to win anymore, because HQ weapons were too expensive, now it will just fit better.


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