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About the game:
Title: Face of Mankind
Status: Offline Graphics: 3D
Developer: Nexeon Technologies
Publisher: Nexeon Technologies

Explosive Features:

  • Realtime Combat
  • Open ended gameplay
  • Completely player driven

Face of Mankind is a free 3D sci-fi MMORPG with realtime combat in a single persistent science-fiction universe.

Thousands of players throughout the universe co-operate, compete or co-exist in a realistic and futuristic world of the 24th+ century. The skill and luck of the players from rival factions change the balance of power. Players have full control over their gaming experience by creating their own rules, faction hierarchy and story. The objective of the game is to evolve your character to its ultimate potential, whether that is the accumulation of wealth, power, social status or all three.

Eight factions make up the fabric of the society. Each faction can bring a different atmosphere to the game whether by war, control of a colony and its mines or undermining prices on the market.

Factions are led by a leader who is elected by their members and who uses their abilities to take colonies, make deals with other factions to help control the market or hire out as mercenaries. Individual players are citizens of the Dominion, banded together in their factions they become a force to fear.

Featured Video

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System Requirements

Face of Mankind Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz or AMD 1800+
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 5GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce4 Ti 4200 / ATI Radeon 9000

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  1. Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion

    What can I say? It came with great fanfare (Steam release) and promise…
    But Veteran players either didn’t like the new game mechanics, skill tree, etc.

    In short it failed, but I was an avid player, graphics and community aside, for 3 years.
    Sadly it was the only game like it. Probably the closest I’ve experienced to table-top RP.

    R.I.P FoM, you will be missed.

  2. Relaunch was a complete fail imo, cant download the game, then I manage to download but cant get in. I dont get it, they had a working game and after 50000 dollars and some minor changes, they have a “not working game!”…go figure.

  3. Hey all. Just a heads up that the game is going down on 31st December, in preperation for the new version of the game that is coming out after New Years, called Fall of the Dominion.

    So stick around and keep an eye out!

  4. Combat is a bit tedious, it takes way to long to kill an experienced enemy. Large scale battles is nothing more than just two zergs randomly dancing around occasionally focusing on one enemy(team speak is a must have in this game). However the economical aspect of this game is pretty fun. Every item is produced in game by other players, giving you the option to support your own factions with discount weaponry, armor, implants, and ammunition. If selfless service isn’t your style, you can take your products to the market and undercut your opposition(And get mugged by hired mercenaries, merchants take it personal when you undercut them.)

    • Nor sure if you can right now. They have been trying to fund a re-launch of the game on KickStarter. They have raised a bit over $60,000 in 30 days. Not that much, but their goal was only $50,000.

      As a comparison, the game Star Citizen raised over $500,000 in 4 days and over $10,000,000 thus far, making it the record holder in crowd-funded games.

  5. This game was built upon a good idea, and was pretty fun. However, I admit that after the last closed beta(which I was when I started playing), things went downhill. There was slow increase in younger players who just were not at the level of maturity to understand the game. There was a massive shift in faction population, with the police(LED) and army(FDC) exploding in size, so much that there was little being done about the excessive abuse.

    And this game requires a lot of RP involvement. I was certainly involved in the RP(I was a senator in the game government before it was decided that only paying members could RP more in-depth). I even had images of how me and another senator from the same faction conspired to assassinate a the leader of the military faction(who had led a coup that led to the frequent death of us senators and the near take-over of the universe) who we were interrogating, because he claimed he did not order his people to take over, yet that’s exactly what they claimed.

    The faction I was part of was fun, yet there was always only a small group of people online at one time(between 5-12) with the peak being about 32.(VI-Vortex Inc. We were small but we had some awesome uniform colors). At one point in the game, the entire universe was conquered by one faction(which was a corporation)

    However, I was dismayed when they revamped the entire forum. Mostly because I had a whole story written for my character, which was quite frequently read(about 3.5k views last time I saw it. Maybe If I use the web-archive, I can find it. It was around 26 chapters) and some people in-game even knew me from that story.(Funny enough, it’s what saved me from being killed as we were at war with EC and an EC member knew me by my story and escorted me off the planet rather than kill me. There were some pretty good people playing that game at some point).

    I played for nearly a year, then gave up when FoM lost it’s veteran players(the good ones. The remaining veterans became part of the problem as well). A bunch of pre-pubscents took over and were going on powertrips because they thought they were awesome for being “leader” when in fact it was probably because they spent a ton of money into the game for all the bonuses(I only spent money to be a member for 1 month. And everything I gained and earned and achieved was done as a free member, which turned out to be something bad as the game developers decided to make it harder on the free members)

    Combat, was one thing I never mastered. It used to be called the “FoM Dance”, which was tanking on meds and resistance drugs then running in insane circles and trying to do your best to keep as many shots on your enemy as possible, perhaps even hitting critical spots. That or you could do it police/army style and just set up a firing line and have all the members just wildly shoot and hope the volley of fire would kill some(though the firing line tended to fail when someone on heavy resistance meds charged into them with a knife, which was quite a powerful weapon, and killed them off).

    I honestly had some fun in that game though. At one point, me and a friend snuck into the prison area that was off-limits for anyone that wasn’t police because we purchased civilian clothing(which was a members-only feature when I was playing) that looked like the police normal clothing(they had normal clothing which you could wear armor over). We actually even sat in the cafeteria section and watched the cops run around, oblivious to our intrusion. Course they soon figured out what we were doing and my friend was immediatelly stunned and arrested(we had an issue with stuns in the game, they were pretty powerful because they had a greater effect on your character, causing screen blur and disrupting your aim, along with damaging your armor. Some police or army used it to stun enemies then let they’re friends take the guy down with lethal, though it soon became a “crime”). I got away and led them on a chase, and was able to safely return to the vortex gates(you used them to travel between planets). Of course I was placed on an arrest on sight list for a day but it was one of those moments in gaming that you actually sense the Role-play.

    I don’t know what changes they’ve had now. I know the game was transferred to another developer that had helped the original developers. There’s also been a lot of updates, and many things that were member features have become free plus things the players had been asking for(such as a civilian faction) was placed in the game, along with the return of some maps(I was there when the Brooklyn map(I think that’s what it was) was returned and they had some game held there to show some new features and hand out these token things).

    But like in every game, the mass onslaught of little immature children destroyed the main portion of the game(There goes the RPG from the MMO). Not to mention they were quite annoying since they thought they knew it all and were pros(Because paying for premium and playing for a few months makes you more experienced that a veteran player of nearly 2 years with in-depth experience in two factions). I’m always the helpful type of player to the respectful one’s however, and after I returned to the game for about another month(this was not recent), I assissted at least 6 understand all the important aspects, even the main ideas behind combat(though it was not the area I could help them in. The economic aspect was where I was good at. I was probably one of the top 50 in in-game wealth, the UC. I had around 600k, which was considered somewhat average since our faction was heavily business-based, our benefit was only paying 10% the total cost to transport items to other planets, which certainly saved a ton of money).

    Sorry about the long review but this was one of my favorite MMORPGs and one I invested a lot of time into and enjoyed at the same time. It was a great game based on a unique idea, yet the mass of power-tripping adolescents and their annoying attitudes and ultra-low level of maturity and respect tainted the player-base of the game. Perhaps, one day in the future, games like this will have some type of stringent restriction on underage players that can easily be enforced, creating a better community.

    Oh by the way. My forum name was Brainiac3397, and my in-game name was most likely either Brian Arkton or Brain(yes, just Brain, a shortening of brainiac3397. This was most likely my first original character name, as I remember the frequent jokes about “where’s pinky?”). The former was my second character’s name after the entire game was revamped, along with the forum.

  6. indeed it is but god knows why ppl stopped playing it the more ppl play the better it is so come on a mass migration into this game ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hmm… Could it have anything to do with the fact that it was overrun by a bunch of 12-year-olds who always abused their power? Like preventing people from completing missions by not allowing them into certain areas, arresting people without any reason, etc.?

  7. My review:

    Player base: Small but friendly. each faction has about 300-200 people except the admin one.

    Factions: 8 factions (7 not counting American enterprises, admin) that are highly polished, you will have to earn you way up in them. Join one as soon as possible.

    Graphics: Decent graphics, lighting is little too dark in some areas, but fine.

    Combat: Absolutely TERRIBLE. The shooting in this game is sluggish. and most assaults/defenses require rushes or turret hugging, and more skilled players will beat new people. OUTRIGHT. Very good assaulting/defending mechanics though.

    Markets: Player run. Prices vary from location to location.

    Misc: You can make your own guns, armor, clothes, ect. This is not a game for people who get frustrated easily, because you will get ganked a lot. Lots of special acronyms to know. Here are a few. TS3 is also a MUST.

    Ganked- Killed.

    vort- in game fast travel, warping

    Brook- Brooklyn, main market is located there. Site of multiple battles due to economic importance. (police vs. in game gang) If you see Red people shooting blue people, Run.

    DMC- Demorgans Castle. Prison. Police(LED)

    Arch- Arctucus, police(LED) Hotspot.

  8. Game has severe population issues. Unless you go to the two or three hot spots in the game, prepare to find entire colonies empty.

    The premise for the game is unique and no game has ever truly copied it, but given the population crisis it isn’t hard to see why.
    Veteran players that stuck around fo so almost entirely duelist by the hope that the game will one day match it’s potential. They’ve been hoping for three years now.
    New players on the other hand will leave very quickly once they see the game for what it is.

    Crafting, or “eco” as it’s referred to here is the only way to generate income for yourself. This is an automated activity that requires so little participation from the player that they can quite literally mine and refine bulk materials then leave the PC- which they do often.

    Combat is a long, drawn out affair where every hit and miss counts, meaning that less skilled players will be consistently beaten.

    Fast firing, low damage weapons are useless since they can’t match the DPS potential of a slow firing high damage weapon.
    Sniping is not an option either since an unarmoured target will take 2 clean headshots with a sniper rifle, or 4 arm/leg shots. On an armoured target is can be as many as 6 headshots, and you can’t fire without being zoomed in.

    Because of this, sneak attacks or any degree of subtlety are wasted effort, and all fights revolve around using the slow firing ballistic weapon of the slow firing energy weapon, circling around each other and reloading until one of you dies or runs out of ammo.

    It isn’t long before you’ll realise it’s been on life support since it RElaunch in 2009.

  9. The game is sluggish, as in the game i mean combat. you WILL be going to war with factions because that is part of the game-play. Its fun and all but NOT for the person who wants to get killed from time-to-time. Combat is pretty damn terrible. you just shoot around and hope for a shot, but that’s only for the new players. The skilled players are used to the combat and know what they’re doing. If only these players would help the new players instead of making them run out to act as a human meat shield. Over all the game is very original and it deserves medals for it. 4/5 because of its a originality and it didn’t get a 5/5 because the combat is very very terrible.

  10. this game is great… yes alot of rules in some faction and if you do things wrong and lose your respect its pretty hard to get it back.. so far i have seen alot of kids jump in not knowing what their doing and just start out shooting people. i’ve been playing this game for about 2 or 3 years.. it has a great society and gameplay. the GD (global dominion) are the noobiest faction (led and fdc)… you just have to be patient and take a lil crap from players and some leaders are dicks but they’ll lighten up or will be removed from leadership… some people actually plot leadership and plan everything so some things are set in this game… talk to me in-game if you really need help.. name is MIKE LEE for like 1 month then it’ll be Jake Smithsdaf.. (im lonerookie-christopher maken-jake smithsdad) GOOD LUCK!!!

  11. This game is full of kids hyped up on soda who think they can dictate what you can and can’t do because they play 14 hours a day. They tell you that you can’t go into a certain area even though it’s required to complete a mission. They arrest people for no reason what-so-ever because they can. I was arrested even though I was also law enforcement for trying to apprehend a criminal. I’ve watched them shoot people because they said something in chat they didn’t like. I finally got tired of their crap and created a new toon and became a terrorist. I’d stand in a crowded area a toss grenades and tell them the guy ran “that away!” It was great seeing them chase ghosts and never realizing I was the mad bomber.

    • if i was going to play a 3rd person mmoshooter it would be fallen earth…but i might download this just to see you bomb the shyt out of people and lie to the “cops” hahahaha

    • don’t waste your time downloading its geared towards looking like a f2p but once you download and try to log it it tells you to buy the game for $15


  12. Unique in every way, FoM is not for casual gamers. Hard core player base, a harsh environment, and a steep learning curve is what weeds the out people who don’t have the skill, time or patience to learn the complex game mechanics. An open combat system without safe zones, if you move without a group or wander around aimlessly you will find out that cloning is the only safe place for you. Understanding politics requires a cunning personality, a lot of backstabbing, corruption and various forms of treason. All in all, one of a kind, and most definitively not for everyone.

  13. Games gettting better and worth a try if your interested. Most original game I’ve ever played and also my favorite. If your ever interested in joining I’d suggest joining Law Enforcment Dept. or, my favorite, Freedom Defense Corps. (considering how they’re the most noob friendly) and going to faction chat (j cycles chats) and asking for help.

  14. The characters movements look REDIUCLOUS!

    The grenade throw is hilarious and the side step looks like hes on the moon.

  15. i love this game..imo the best mmo out there. but keep in mind that the game is not for you if u hate getting ganked but if u like it and think its hardcore then join in! awesome game,maybe a little bit hard to learn but alll worth it

  16. Good game if you love Role-Play, although you have to watch out for those people who don’t realize that its a role play game. They think its an FPS game. Although i guess thats part of your option. the game allows you create your own story.


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