Fall Guys Fans Report Weird Store Issues, Mediatonic Offers Compensation

The store has reportedly been auto purchasing items when players look at them.

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Fall Guys Store Issues

Things are not great for Fall Guys players at the moment – at least according to posts from fans on Reddit. According to the post. It seems some sort of store glitch is causing unintended purchases when players try to preview an item. In fact, there’s a big warning about that one activity on a massive Reddit post that brings together all the complaints players have been posting on the site. The idea behind the aggregating post was to show that what’s happening isn’t just a case of a small number of people purchasing an item (accidentally or not) and regretting it.

Initially, players who reported the issue to Mediatonic and requested refunds reported less-than-stellar responses. One individual even shared an email response where the player support staff “corrected” them saying that the purchase was not bugged, nor a known issue, despite so many people having reported it. The letter shared stated, "this is not a 'known issue' because it is not an issue”, and goes on to explain that the system can’t automatically buy items as they “always require input from the player”. It also added that, “as per [their] EULA” the purchases are final and wouldn’t be refunded.

The good news is that if this was the stance of the company as a whole, it has changed. Not too long ago, the Fall Guys team addressed the issue on Twitter, apologizing for the issue and providing a list of things they were doing to fix it. The first step is them improving the store design. They’re also honoring refund requests made after June 21 until the store is fixed. Finally, they’re giving everyone Grandis, a long bean that can change color.

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