Fallout Shelter is finally live on PC and its bringing the long-awaited quest system with it. Shelter overseers now no longer have to stare at their tiny phone screens, and can instead manage their underground civilizations on their PC monitors.

In addition to the move to PC, the new update also adds an actual quest system that allows players to control their dwellers as they explore the wasteland, investigating abandoned buildings and dead vaults as well as familiar locations from Fallout 4. Players can also put together groups of dewellers to take on larger tasks.

To download the PC version of Fallout Shelter, players will need to first download the Bethesda.net launcher. Clicking this link will automatically start the download.

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  1. Drago on July 15, 2016

    Good game but the PC ver is boring, it’s to slow for the PC… You could not sit down and play it.. They need to change the AI to as it sucks.

  2. Curst on July 15, 2016

    Not available in Russia and China. Wish I knew this beforehand.

  3. Pandaman on July 14, 2016

    OMG yess!!

    Start building today hell yes

  4. rickshaw on July 14, 2016

    Nice heads up cheers 🙂