What, did you think FFS stood for something else?

Eurogamer has a long interview with Flaming Fowl Studios’ and Fable Fortune Producer Craig Oman that goes into intricate detail regarding the path that Fable Fortune took to its paid-early-access-now-but-free-to-play-in-2018 launch. It started as a minigame in Fable Legends and evolved into its own thing. When Legends was canceled and Lionhead Studios shut down, Oman and two others formed Flaming Fowl Studios and easily took control of the fledgling CCG.

How easy was it? Basically, Oman walked into his boss’s office and asked for it. That was it.

The interview covers much more than that, including Oman’s describing how the name of his company came into being, along with its fortuitous abbreviation:

“It makes our initials FFS, which we took great enjoyment out of because every single contract you ever do with anybody, they always abbreviate the company name. So every single contract we have is just covered in FFS, FFS, FFS.”

While Oman admits the game isn’t doing so hot on Steam — which appears to be the case — he’s optimistic about it on Xbox and hopes that the F2P launch in 2018 will help spark the game. Most of all, he’s saddened, and a little angered, by poor reviews that blame Flaming Fowl for not releasing Fable 4 instead — something they didn’t exactly have a choice over.

“The other comment is people saying it’s a cash grab. How? Go and explain that one to me. Go and explain that to my bank balance.”

FFS, people.


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