FIFA 23 Will Be The Last FIFA From EA While EA Rebrands As The Title To "EA Sports FC"

After 30 years the romance is dead.

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FIFA EA Breakup

It’s over guys. We kinda knew it might be, but it’s official now. FIFA will no longer be part of the EA Sports lineup. Or, at least it won’t be after FIFA 23 comes out. Today, EA announced that the soccer game will be known as EA Sports FC as of July 2023.

Of course, the company tried to make the news sound good, mentioning that they and FIFA will still be delivering “the greatest, most expansive EA Sports FIFA ever later this fall”. They also note that it will include more modes and features than previous editions.

Some of you may have already thought the partnership between the two organizations was over. It’s an easy assumption since news broke last year that there were issues with the licensing agreement being renewed – or rather the multitude of licenses associated with the product. Those would be the individual leagues, teams, and players. At the same time, EA had already filed trademarks for EA Sports FC, so it easily looked like a foregone conclusion.

EA seems to have big hopes for this new IP. According to Polygon, Chief Executive Andrew Wilson said it will be “the largest and most impactful football club in the world”. It would seem they’re relying on the 30 years of brand loyalty based around FIFA to make that happen. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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