When it comes to raiding, dragon’s are a fairly common sight. Nearly every MMO has included at least one dragon raid boss, with some using them more than others. So what do you do when you’re tasked with adding raid bosses for an MMO that’s nothing but dragons? In the case of Dragon’s Prophet, the answer is simple. Add even more.

By “more” I specifically mean four with the possibility of a fifth. Dragon’s Prophet’s latest upcoming update is set to add a 10 man raid featuring 5 boss fights. Infernuum couldn’t contain their excitement and have already spilled the beans on the first four boss encounters, all of which feature a legendary dragon. The fifth fight remains a mystery and thus the possibility of it not being another dragon. While it makes sense for players to be fighting dragon raid bosses in Dragon’s Prophet, overuse could quickly become an issue.

All of this action will take place at the new level cap of 90 and in the brand new region of Alentia. The Dragon’s Prophet storyline will bring players into the mountainous lava regions of Alentia in the hopes of preventing a devouring dragon named Kronos from reawakening. More bugs have also been devoured by Infernuum as the latest patch contains improved localizations and fixes for several public encounters.

Finally, three new adventure dungeons have been added for those not quite ready to step into the realm of raiding. The update is set to go live for both NA and EU starting tomorrow, November 5th. Players can read the full patch notes here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I’m waiting for a Bad Review on this Game, All they’re doing is trying to get people to Spend their money. They nerfed the Melee Class to such state it’s just the worst to play. But if you play a Ranger you can Own anything in this game

    You get the most Damage, the best escape skills. The best mastery Page.
    and you will do the most damage with just auto attacking. Where other Classes must use Skills to even compete.

    Every week 50% more diamonds they state they read comments and actually listen but just like Runes of Magic this game will follow Ranged Classes OverPowered as hell with none to little effort. While the Melee Classes are having the worst time.

    And aside that misleading people on everything. You can Buy Pets and stuff wait 1 Week and suddenly you can get it for free or for such 5 times cheaper. then when it was put on

  2. In the spirit of actually discussing the topic of the article and not a childish argument over the net about language.It sounds like an interesting update.Though can you really overuse dragons in a mmo literally about taming and fighting with dragons.Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind seeing maybe some colossal demon type boss.What I would love to see is more work on getting the game optimized.

  3. Plz talk english this is an english community. Isnt it enough that the spanish players ruin Leauge of Legends on EUW servers do they now come here and do the same….???


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