EverQuest is creeping ever closer to the 30 expansion mark. But, before they get there, they have to out the 27th one. The excellent news for players is that this particular expansion is on its way, and we even have the name and some art for it. We even have a pre-order date — October 21.

The new expansion, Titled Claws of Veeshan, picks up where Torment of Velious left off. Presently, Velious has a major problem with a frozen undead infestation. As a result, even enemies are putting their problems aside to cull them while they can. This means teaming up to take on the dragons of Velious.

When the expansion launches (no date on that yet) it will add six new zones, new raids, quests, missions, and more. It also introduces a new storage sytstem for those things you may not be using right now but might later, known as the Dragon’s Hoard.

As noted, preorder kicks off October 21, some time between 10 am and Noon Pacific. Those who preorder will automatically be granted access to the Beta test.

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