Fight To The Death For Fame, Glory, And… Survival In F2P Deathverse: Let It Die Via Steam Today

The surivial-action game set in the Let It Die universe is now available on Valve’s platform.

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Deatverse Let It Die Steam

As of today, Supertrick Games’ survival gameshow game, Deathverse: Let It Die, is available to players on Steam. The game, set hundreds of years after Let It Die, introduces players to a world changed by a natural disaster – one where survival is only for the strongest and death is a form of entertainment. The last of humanity fights in a TV competition where the last person standing can walk away with fame and fortune. Everyone else will go to their graves.

Deathverse: Let It Die features 16-player battle-royale style matches. Each player can create their own customizable character and wield the weapon that best suits their style. Not only will they fight each other, but they must also survive whatever the game can throw at them. The last person standing leaves the arena.

With the launch of Deathverse: Let It Die on Steam comes the game’s first competitive season. Players can take part in both Ranked and Exhibition matches. During the month of October, Hunters will be introduced to the game one at a time. After all are introduced, they’ll be available on rotation. In November, a new weapon will be introduced to the game; the Twin Knives. At the same time, the Let It Die Collection Volume 1 will be introduced. This will offer players the opportunity to pick up customization items inspired by the original Let It Die Game.

If you’re one of those hoping to be able to play Deathverse: Let It Die via GeForce Now, support will be added at a later time, but the console version of the game is available already on PS4/5 having launched there a few days ago, however crossplay is slated for a future update and isn't available right now.

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midori 1 year ago
Dead on arrival, i estimate that the servers will close in 6months and the game will die in 2.
It already has no players, no marketing. Another battle royale in to the trash-bucket.
I'm sorry for the artist that wasted his talent on this. I mean they got paid so that is good, but still. I hope it does get reused in other game.

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