Final Fantasy XI Update Adds New Chapter, Brings Back Cornelia's Alter Ego, And More

Changes have been made to Ambuscade as well.

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Final Fantasy XI May 10 Update

For a 20-year-old game, Final Fantasy XI is still getting a lot of love. Or, at least it still gets consistent updates. Today, Square Enix dropped an update for the game adding some new content, bringing back some older content, and making adjustments – as one does. The new content consists of another chapter in The Voracious Resurgence storyline. To take part in this, players will need to look for Maat in Ru'Lude Gardens. They’ll also need to have completed the quest Altennia Burns Bright in order to do it.

For those who may have not picked up Cornelia's alter ego before, now is the (limited) time. To grab the alter ego, players need to have completed the quest Trust. If this has been done, already they'll receive the alter ego when they log in after today. If the quest isn’t complete, they’ll need to get it done. The good news is there’s plenty of time – all the way to November.

In other news, some things have been switched around in Ambuscade. Normal and Intense Ambuscades have been swapped out and the corresponding Records of Eminence objectives have been changed. Intense Ambuscades have had graphics and locations swapped between the fire and ice elemental versions. Normal Ambuscades now have Golden Bombs that will appear when certain conditions are met and changes have been made to Natsilane’s vulnerabilities. A full rundown of those changes, as well as others in the update, can be found in the patch notes on the game’s forum.

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