Final Warframe Devstream Of 2020 Highlights Lavos Warframe, Details Next Major Event, And Offers Peek At 2021 Plans

QuintLyn Bowers
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Digital Extremes held the final Warframe devstream of the year today. The (almost) hour-long stream covered a lot of ground, offering players a look at the final form of the alchemist-tinkerer Lavos, a peek at the upcoming all-mech co-op event Operation Orphix Venom, and even previewing some of the things players can expect in the coming year.

As stated, the Operation Orphix Venom event is an all-mech event. This means no Warframes. It's also a 1-4 player co-op event. Some of the event gameplay was teased in the stream, using Lavos -- whose video profile you can see here.

As for the 2021 preview, it covered Corpus Railjack, Corpus Liches, Command Intrinsic, and more. These were all part of The New War content. All of that, plus everything listed above can be seen in the devstream video embedded below.

On an additional note, a Legendary Core Gift is now available in game on all platforms. This is a limited time thing so everyone who wants theirs needs to be sure to log in and grab it before 8:00 PM Eastern on December 20.

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