Financial Report Shows Korean MMO Companies Are Struggling

QuintLyn Bowers
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korean mmos

Things aren't looking great for South Korean MMO companies, according to a report on the Financial Times. A blog post discussing the "crisis"the country's gaming market is dealing with attributes it to gamers embracing mobile gaming -- as well as major companies such as NCsoft and Nexon being unable to successfully enter that particular market.

Part of these companies' lack of success in this area is due to the steep competition found in China. Chinese companies have a better grasp on the mobile market in general are are finding more success within it. At the same time, another issue is an apparent decline in player interest in traditional online role-playing games which require a significant time investment from the player. Instead, players are opting for more fast-paced games that take minutes to play, such as MOBA's or team-based shooters.

According to an IHS Markit researcher, these are all signs that Korea is no longer the master of free-to-play gaming exports. The market is now being nicely divided between China and western game companies.

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Discussion (22)

Ludrah 7 years ago
What we need is a virtual reality game....that's all

Avidara 7 years ago
Maybe people quit playing some games because at a certain level or area one is forced into a PvP situation when they don't really enjoy PvP. It seems that there is a HUGE focus from game creators on having PvP as a part of every mmorpg they create....because there is, evidently, a HUGE player base of PvP fans. So, the rest of us are forced into game play we don't enjoy in order to experience some of the newer and graphically beautiful games that are released.

The answer that comes to mind for most is "if you don't like it, don't play the game." That's a great idea! Again though, developers don't focus on just one type of player. If you took a game like Black Desert and designed it so that the only PvP was node wars, the PvP fans would be up in arms at it not being open world so they get a chance to kill anyone they want as soon as he/she stepped out of a safe zone. Game designers try to appeal to both....yet an old adage comes to mind: "When you try to please everyone, you are assured of pleasing no one."

I totally SUCK at PvP, so naturally I don't want to do it. I don't enjoy having to grind myself to better gear just to be able to defend myself against some jackass who's goal seems to be to jack-up my quest or grind spot. Neither do a lot of other players of MMORPGs. When one has a limited amount of time to play it gets tiresome to invest several hours each week to an activity where it's a dice roll on whether or not you're going to finish what you started because of some jackass who can one shot you, cost you money in repair, and more time in trying to figure out how to get your quest(s) finished.

Even if you are in a large guild you can't always count on your guildmates to come save/protect you. They have things they want to get done too. So you get get tired of pursuing the same damn quests for you spend less and less time in game till eventually you quit. Why? Because MMORPGs are not games...they are hobbies in which you invest time. And when your hobby becomes a frustration instead of relaxation you move on. You leave it to those who love pvp or at least are better able to tolerate it. Until the next NEW game comes out with beautiful graphics and a promise of escaping into a fantasy world for a few hours.....and you'll try that one even though it's PvP focused too. Because you're ever hopeful it will be different this time.

Todoran 7 years ago
thank good there is WoW: Legion!

someone 7 years ago
im really used to korean games ( ive been playing online mmorpg for 12 years ) and i think its something like assasins creed issue!
you see there are games that are different but then BECAUSE the community is the same the gaming companies keep changing content and events and prices and drop rates and even rng ..
not to mention that making a great game would be VERY costly
but let me give you an example.

there are games on the top that well pretty much dominate records for years and AS YOU KNOW a true games once hooked to a specific game JUST WONT LET IT GO, you got guilds and events and everything and friends and such... not to mention rivals :D
look at top games , they are mostly different and well some others ...
such as riders of icarus which is new and good idea ( untill you hit lvl cap which becomes the end game )

and OH have none of you tried "ARCHEAGE" ?????? if no then i urge you to do it, to my eyes it is the WITCHER 3 of mmorpgs at the momment and its actually absolutely free !
i mean you make gold with countless methods and you buy credit with ingame gold from players and well there are players who play for 1 year and are on top but havent paid a dime till now!

even thou trion is ruining the management the game is MAJESTIC in its details and being beautiful and all

so my point is, no matter which country makes them , gamers of the world are to be blamed for the quality and such.
again refer to witcher , i mean see which country made WHAT!
personally i would NEVER play mobile games , except puzzle games for 15 min MAX

mmorpg is a whole other world and its players are also on another scale that SHOULD NOT be compared, my friends in mmorpgs play mobile games WHILE WAITING in mmorpg can you understand that ?
so please stop saying "all asian games suck" it has nothing to do with it. check how much eu and us companies are making by their games , THEN blame them for making them like eachother :P

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Za'Muro 7 years ago
all asian mmos suck, instead of putting money into 1 great game they release 300 absolute garbages that no one cares about

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ASD 7 years ago
It has nothing to do with being on a mobile device or how it should be incredibly fast. It's the fact that Most MMOs just copy and paste the same generic stuff from past MMOS which is boring. And I haven't seen alot of MMOs even gone the extra mile to go above level 100 which probably is because they don't wanna lose money I respect that but a majority of the MMOs it's always around level 60-65 I always see the levels hang around. But the new MMOs nowadays are 2 focused on graphics and and action combat and that leaves all the other cool functionalitys stupid and dead. I could care less about the graphics I got ideas about what functionalitys I wanna see and if no MMO comes out with it soon I might become an MMO developer myself and try to bring my ideas to light.

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Urs00 7 years ago
it has nothing to do with mobile or people wanting a "fast" experience... people WANT a new mmorpg, people are desperate for something good, what they don't want is an awful copy paste generic game

the new mmos ar too focused on "action combat" and graphics, but none of them nowadays have the vast open world feel, unique characters, interesting story of the old ones... ragnarok, runescape, perfect world, jade dynasty and many others are way better than this new crap they are throwing for quick buck

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Mordred 7 years ago
good. Serves the morons who went and bought black desert's founder's packs and evne the game itself right. So many warnings were given and now they're sitting with their dying game that's p2p, b2p, and has microtransactions. Enjoy the six armor sets or whatever it is you have in that garbage korean mmo.

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Merkadis 7 years ago
Good, the less korean poop we get the better.

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