These days, it’s hard to remember what entity owns which game developer. For the most part, though, you’d be on target guessing that a Chinese company is behind it all.

That’s the case for Digital Extremes, which is owned by Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited, which acquired the Warframe developer in 2015. Leyou also acquired Dirty Bomb developer Splash Damage in early 2017, and both companies get a callout in a recent financial statement from Leyou.

As Massively Opinionated discovered, DE has something brewing that isn’t Warframe and isn’t The Amazing Eternals. Specifically, the financial statement reveals that DE is working on

A free-to-play action MMO, which is planned to commence Closed Alpha testing in 2017 and is expected to be released online in 2018.

As for Splash Damage, here’s what Leyou has to say about them:

Apart from that [Dirty Bomb], Splash Damage Group is developing several new games. It is worth noting that, a third-person survival horror shooter game masterpiece is in the preliminary development stage and is expected to start generating revenue in as early as 2018.

Here’s the thing, though: The financial statement repeatedly mentions the date June 30, which is the end of Q2, not Q3, which ended on Sept. 30. Also, the URL of the statement includes “2017/0915,” which would lead one to believe it was published on Sept. 15, 2017. Finally, it says that The Amazing Eternals is “expected to be released online in the near future,” which also doesn’t jive with recent news.

With all that in mind, it’s almost certain that Digital Extremes’ “free-to-play action MMO” is Survived By, which was announced on Sept. 30. We’re not so sure about Splash Damage’s new project — which isn’t confirmed to be free-to-play — though it could be related to its collaboration with Wargaming.

So, overall, there might not be anything new to report here, but it’s still good to see confirmation that the various games we’ve been covering are coming along nicely. The most shocking news, perhaps? Dirty Bomb not only isn’t launched, it apparently isn’t even in open beta yet!


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