Digital Extremes is keeping busy these days. The Amazing Eternals is about to head into beta, and Warframe is still going strong, with an open-world expansion planned for later this year.

And now there’s yet another game in the works from Digital Extremes and Human Head Studios: Survived By.

Survived By is described as a “retro-style Free-to-Play MMO in which up to 100 players fight side-by-side in a bullet hell-style battle where permadeath is just the beginning.” In the game, you’ll craft weapons, level up, and explore a post-apocalyptic fantasy wasteland. You’ll play one of several classes, such as geomancer or alchemist, and venture through a pixel-art world with other players.

When you die — and you will die — a part of your character’s legacy, in the form of stat boosts and other buffs, will be carried on via his or her descendant(s), in classic roguelike fashion. Fortunately, the game claims that it’s not too difficult; that, “Unlike traditional roguelikes, players regenerate health, survive longer, and don’t need to dodge everything to stay alive.”

Digital Extremes promises that Survived By will be a “fair free-to-play,” with everything in the game being obtainable for free. Closed alpha is expected to start before the end of the year, and if you’re headed to PAX West, you can check out the game for yourself at booth #233. If not, head on over to the Survived By website for more info.



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