The gloves have come off and guns have been drawn as Killercombo revealed Elsword Online’s final class transformation today, the Tactical Trooper. Based on an upgraded version of the character Chung’s Shelling Guardian class, the Tactical Trooper is no doubt the result of some designer’s mad scribbles on a napkin which simply read “needs more explosions.”

While the words, “tactical” and “explosions” may not seem to jive together when describing the same thing, the Tactical Trooper gracefully manages to combine more firepower with an added sense of utility. As a Tactical Trooper, Chung’s over-sized cannon can fire from both directions with additional range, allowing players to support their allies from across the battlefield.

Chung can also fire additional siege shots at an increased rate of fire before reloading or she can opt to enter into “Mobile Armored Mode” which points the butt of his gun towards his enemies and fires slower, but stronger explosive shrapnel shells for a limited time.

In addition to his own increased damage, Chung now also has access to several supportive skills he can deploy to aid his allies in battle and boost his own defensive capabilities. Chung can summon an automatic mortar to aid in dispatching enemies or create a force field which boosts MP regeneration of all those inside and provides a massive defensive boost.

The new Tactical Trooper will be available to players starting at level 35. For more information be sure to check out the official Elsword page which comes complete with a handy Manga detailing the latest developments in Chung’s backstory.








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  1. BEST GAME EVER!! and not rly paid to win e.e
    I got SS without B slots or costumes spamming secret dungeons and pvp gave me tons of points to buy sockets stone which is very awesome. And “absolute crap” have you ever tried to become level 60 yet? Don’t say whatever u have on your little brain. Why don’t you try to become stronger and play this “crappy game” at this time, starting at this point forward and I’ll agree with your comments e.e

    • farming like crazy when a noob buy cash and he is stronger than you, all those noobs buying ice, you cannot buy a slot B you if you are low lv, you cannot buy skill notes if you are new, you cannot buy ice burner if you do not have a character lv 60 with a awesome equip so you cannot farm secrets dungeon or henrir if you are noob also this game is full of hackers you can find alot of them in pvp or using auto kill in dungeons, so tell how do you play this crap?

      • How do you expect to farm end game dungeons when you aren’t fkin capped.
        same as any other online game.
        You cannot buy skill notes if you’re new? no duh new players can’t even use them until they unlock the dam book. Stop trying to down sell this game there are no hackers. and whenever a hack is discovered it gets patched in the next update or sooner.

  2. sorry but this game is pay to win you need slot B if you want to win pvp, what about skill notes you need to buy them if you want to be stronger in pve, dont forget those fashion from cash shop all of them give you stats but those fashion from cash boxes are strong very strong, $50 is not enough you would need $200 if want to play this with 3-4 characters

  3. umm I am not going to lie I completely forgot about this game its jest so old now I can see it still have people for its anime style I jest kind moved to rusty hearts sadly tho I might try going back to this game for a little while to see how it gose.


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