Red 5’s free-to-play shooter’s next update hits the servers Tuesday (Jan 19), and it’s a big one. The update will bring the servers down for an estimated 26 hours — taking the game offline from Jan 19th at 8:00 AM PST to Jan 20th at 10:00 AM PST. This is, of course, barring any hiccups.

Patch 1.6 will add quite a bit of new content to the game, for both PvP and PvE. A short list of changes coming in the patch can be seen below. For the full list, be sure to hit up the Firefall site.

  • Jetball! We’re excited to bring a preview of our Arena PvP online. The mode chosen for the PvP Preview is Jetball. More modes will be available in a later update as Arena PvP returns in full swing.
  • Holdout – Jericho: Holdout is a brand new instanced PvE gametype for players at maximum level. Squads can challenge themselves by protecting a Melding Repulsor against endless waves of Chosen. Each wave gets increasingly difficult and at the end of each wave the squad has the option to cash out the rewards they’ve earned so far or risk taking on another wave for more rewards. Read about Holdout here.
  • Titan Battle – Defense of Dredge: Dredge is under siege from the Chosen and the Accord needs ARES Pilots to ensure this outpost that is critical to its operations does not fall into Melded hands. This battle is for a 10-pilot platoon for maximum level battleframes.
  • Instance-based narrative-driven content: The Firefall story has evolved and ARES Pilots are charged with taking on the threat from the Razorwind Chosen Tribe right from the start. The previously existing Campaign Missions have been lightly revised to fit the narrative and all-new instances have been created to further drive the narrative of the Razorwind threat. Read about the narrative-driven content here.
  • Epic instanced missions have three difficulty modes: Normal, Challenge, and Hardcore. The Normal difficulty is balanced for the level the mission is unlocked. Challenge mode is balanced for 3 levels above the mission’s unlock level. Hardcore mode is tuned for maximum level players.
  • Two new Operations have been added: Hightide and ARES-Team. Hardcore versions are also available for these new Operations.
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  1. All they implement is more ads to buy ingame cash, super boring ga yplay, 3 min stup id quests with randoms, pay to win content, super crap skill system and crafting system, u need to google ALOT about anything ingame, u need tonns of player made mods to be efficient, its very old game and still so bugged, devs are fak ing scamm ers also, deleted all player stuff few times then refund with some currency and deleted it after without notice, what a ideot s work there

      • He lies! I played Firefall since the launch, I spent real money in it just because I wanted to do it to get a battleframe I wanted, immediately but other than that i never really needed to spend a cent. No pay 2 win at all, I got almost every battleframes just evolving them one by one and buying weapons and cosmetic stuff using ONLY ingame money i earned doing ares jobs, every battleframes are now at top level, No bugs at all, the game is almost perfect as stability. ASD is just one of those haters who likes only add bad comment on everything. Play Firefall it is a good game.

  2. I don’t know why, I need to give this game another shot, after all that happened. Still, I hope we don’t have to wait for the next update another year or more.

  3. I wish this update would have just said:
    “We have ditched streamlined content and went back to a sandbox experience.”
    A guy has to dream…


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