Bet you didn’t know Firefall’s open beta had stages did ya? Yes, apparently there are three, with the first one focused on core gameplay and stress testing. Now with the start of stage 2, Red 5 is asking players to venture forth into the recently un-melded areas of New Eden to destroy secret Chosen fortresses. Presumably this will also help Red 5 test the newly added offensive world mechanics.

All of the work done in stage 2 will culminate in the release of stage 3, whereby the entire Warfront will be unlocked, creating a full blown zone. The zone will introduce a new story-based instance and pave the way for the next chapter in the Firefall story. At this point the process will repeat, but for a brand new zone.

Players will get to vote on which Warfront to unlock next, letting the player decide what direction the war against the Chosen heads. Red 5 says that player’s choices will change the world permanently. If players choose to neglect a Warfront it can give way to Chosen counterattacks, making the entire Warfront inaccessible for weeks or even months.

What do you think of staged zones?

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    • of course they are many games stay in Beta for years this on has only taken too and WARFRAME and a good number of other MMos are still in Beta so STFU

    • I think what my grammar ridden friend is trying to say is that This game has been in Beta for a long time because it’s trying to do something far different from other games. Add to that, they’re primary focus is on bug fixing before content addition. This is mainly why the game’s development has been so sluggish. Would you rather they just throw the unfinished game into 1.0 status? I know I wouldn’t. I’ve seen games hit their official launch without hitting completion, it’s not pretty.

        • first, yes it is its still in open beta, wanna know how i know it is?I’m on the design council! Secondly I’m sorry for my bad grammar it just pisses me off when people bitch about beta’s

          • Y’know, there are much less douchier ways to point out that it’s still in beta. Like directing someone to the website, and pointing out that you can still become a founder. That’s pretty important. Just as a tip.

            As for bitching about betas, I don’t think the guy really was bitching about it. He was just stating his surprise at this game still being in beta. No need to get ragey about it.

      • Yes they are focused on bug fixing before releaseing content. I have been playing this game for months. The problem is that Red 5 sucks in bug fixing. The progression of developement is so damn slow that a lot of players have left the game (a lot of players i had on my friend list and my whole army). Sure the concept of the game is good but the Game Devs just bitch around. Im looking forward for everquest next. Red 5 Games are dead games for me.


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